Most Expensive Diecast Cars in the World

To the majority of the world, diecast vehicles are toys. However, to diecast collectors, diecast vehicles are treasures worth millions and are also a thing of pride

Diecast vehicles are toys, right? A big no! To most of the world, die-cast vehicles are toys. However, to diecast collectors, they are objects worth millions. To woo your mind, in the following paragraphs, we have listed some of the most expensive diecast cars present in the world.

What is the importance of this article?

As mentioned in the strap line of this article, diecast vehicles are a matter of pride to collectors. Therefore, the amount they pay for diecast cars is worth a read. Some of those cars are not worth hundreds but millions. In short, the amount spent by those collectors must be noted by our esteemed readers.

Lamborghini worth 7.5 million US dollars

Brilliantly handcrafted by Robert Guelpen, a golden Lamborghini Aventador was sold at 7.5 million US dollars. At 7.5 million US dollars, one can purchase several Lamborghini Aventadors at this juncture. For the unversed souls, Guelpen is a famous model car builder who has built many such expensive diecast cars. The golden Lamborghini Aventador is of a 1:18 scale.

Dimond-studded Hot Wheels

The name Hot Wheels requires no introduction in the toy industry. Founded in 1968, to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, the firm created only one diamond-studded car. The car had 319 white diamonds, 998 black diamonds, eight rubies, and 1,388 blue diamonds with 18-carat gold. The car was worth 1.40 lakh US dollars.

Volkswagen Beach Bomb

In 1969, a pink Beach Bomb was created by Hot Wheels. However, the model was too narrow to be played with the Hot Wheels launcher. Therefore, the model never saw the production phase and, as per many reports, the created model was also scrapped. However, there are other reports that claim the existence of a second model. The 1969 pink Beach Bomb was worth 1.25 lakh US dollars.

Another Aventador worth six million US dollars

Guelpen or Robert Guelpen Engineering gave birth to another Aventador worth six million US dollars. The Aventador was made of golden threads coupled with carbon fibre wraps and gems-studded seats. The wheels were made of gold and platinum, whereas the headlights were made of diamonds. Last but not the least, the golden Aventador was built after the success of this Aventador.

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