Most Expensive Electric Cars in the World

The technology that goes into the making of an electric car bumps the price-tag upwards

As the demand of electric cars is rising day-by-day, every automobile company is giving their best in the research & development arm to form a statement of their own in the electric vehicle space. As known, electric cars require a substantial amount of capital compared to the conventional vehicle for the use of unique technology. However, it is not just the technology but also the luxury quotient which further moves the price-tag upwards.

What follows in this article is a list of most expensive electric cars in the world that are not just reliable but quick and luxurious to cater the demands of the elite community.


The Owl by Aspark is yet to be produced, but the concept car made its debut in 2017 at the Frankfurt Auto Expo. The two-seater Owl is a hyper electric car that will run with four electric motors to produce 1,984hp and 1,999Nm of peak torque. Once it goes into production, the hypercar is expected to touch a top speed of 297 kmph in 10.6 seconds. After hitting the showrooms, it will sell for a massive 3.2 million dollars.

103 EX

The 103 EX is an offering from luxury car manufacturer brand Rolls Royce who is acknowledged as the pioneer in the luxury car market. The 103 EX is not the most valuable car in the list with a price-tag of $550,000 but is the most extravagant one for sure. The car features an AI-based LIDAR sensor that will enable the passenger to shun the employment of a chauffeur. With hand weaved red carpet to wooden finish interior and silk lounge chair, the EX is no lesser than a fairy tale dream. Sadly, the car will not be accessible for purchase before 2021.


Evija from Lotus is a two-seater luxurious electric sports car that carries a price tag of 2.1 million dollars. The car offers handle-free dihedral doors with Alcantara seats along with the surface featuring carbon fibre and an F1 steering wheel. Under the hood, there are two electric motors that generate 1,972hp of power and a peak torque of 1,698Nm. The car can reach 99 kmph in under three seconds. Unfortunately, only 130 of these are available for purchase as they are limited-edition exclusive offerings from Lotus.


EP9 is an offering from Chinese EV manufacturer, Nio. There are merely seven EP3 available in the world, and each of them cost 1.48 million dollars. The car is luxurious but is appreciated better for its fast nature. Fast because this car created the fastest record lap time of 6:45.90 at the famous Nurburgring circuit by slaughtering the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and the Porche 918 Spyder.

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