Most Expensive F1 Rides Sold at Auction

In 2013, Juan Manuel Fangio’s championship winning Mercedes Formula One car was sold at $30 million

Old Formula One cars are priceless. The history attached to the F1 cars that were once driven by legendary racers cannot be weighed in any manner. However, in the past few years, several iconic Formula One cars have been auctioned. In this article, we have listed the most expensive Formula One cars sold at those auctions.

Why is this article important?

Formula One is a historic sport that has given birth to numerous legacies. From racing drivers to teams, it is a sport with rich culture. Not to overlook, it is because of Formula One and the rising competition, car manufacturers from different parts of the world have regularly designed better and faster cars. Therefore, it is important to know about some of those historic cars and their price tags.

Juan Manuel Fangio’s championship winning W196

Designed by Mercedes-Benz, the W196 F1 car was powered by the engine of a Messerschmitt BF109E combat plane used in the World War II. In this car, Juan Manuel Fangio won the Switzerland and the Germany Grand Prix. In 2013, the car was sold at $30 million, making it the most expensive auctioned F1 car of all time.

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2001

In 2017, Schumacher’s F2001 was auctioned at $7.7 million. In this car, Schumacher won his second F1 title for Ferrari and his fourth overall F1 title. Throughout the season, the F2001 picked up 10 first place finishes out of 20 races. Not to forget, under the sorcery of Schumacher, the F2001 also grabbed 13 pole positions and three fastest laps.

Another Michael Schumacher car

Apart from the F2001, Schumacher’s F2002 was auctioned at around $7 million at the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In this car, Michael Schumacher won his fifth F1 title, and he did so only in 11 races out of 17. Michael’s fifth win also helped him equal Juan Manuel Fangio’s record of winning five F1 titles. Not to forget, apart from Schumacher, Barrichello also drove this car.

2010 McLaren MP4/25, not a title winning car

In 2021, the 2010 McLaren MP4/25 F1 car became the first Lewis Hamilton F1 car to be auctioned. The car was auctioned at the 2021 British Grand Prix before the first sprint race in F1 history at around $6.4 million. In this car, Hamilton won the 2010 Turkey Grand Prix and finished second in the Chinese Grand Prix.

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