Published By: Rohit Chatterjee

Most Expensive RC Cars in the World

For most of us, remote control cars are toys. However, for some enthusiasts, they are more than toys

RC or remote controlcars are worshipped by children. In fact, when we were kids, we too played ample with RC cars. However, we never spent fortunes on RC cars because to us and our parents, they were toys, and spending fortunes on them made no sense.

Although there are some people in the world for whom RC cars are not merely toys. For them, RC cars are collectable objects whereas for a few others, RC toys are equipment used by them to complete several tasks. In the following, we have listed some of the most expensive RC cars in the world.

Freefly Tero, around 5,000 US dollars

The Freefly Tero is not like other remote control cars found in the world. It is a remote control car that can be equipped with an expensive camera for film shooting from a low angle. The engine is a powerful electric unit mounted on a strong chassis and the small tyres of the vehicle are off-terrain ones so that a controller can drive the vehicle on any uneven surfaces.

Kraken Vekta.5, based on a real buggy

Kraken Vekta.5 is a buggy remote control car based on a real-life buggy. The car’s design carries the essence of Shannon Campbell’s Class 1 buggy recognised as “The Beast.” Also called the KV5, the Vekta.5 is powered by a petrol-driven vehicle and the ratio of the Vekta is 1:5. At 1,700 US dollars, this is the second most expensive RC car in the world that we are aware of.

Warrior Interceptor from Mad Max 2

In the toy industry, several remote control cars are based on real-life original cars. However, the manufacturers also create cars based on modified cars used in movies. For example, Autoart created the Warrior Interceptor remote car from the movie Mad Max 2. The remote control car is a replica of the movie-based Interceptor and carries a price-tag of 1,300 US dollars.

XB Hornet Black Limited Edition worth 1,200 US dollars

Known as the Tamiya, the manufacturer originally launched the XB Hornet Black Edition in 1984 and back then, it enjoyed a massive success among RC enthusiasts. Recently, the company launched an updated version of the same car priced at 1,200 US dollars.