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Most Popular Bad Bunny Songs

If you keep up with current music trends, you've probably heard the term Bad Bunny recently. Read on to know the most popular songs.

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio is a Puerto Rican rapper, composer, and vocalist. This musician shot to stardom in 2016 with the release of his Latin trap/reggaeton hybrid, "Diles." Here, we'll explore the finest tracks and lyrics from the Grammy-winning artist's career, which is only just beginning.


This 2016 hit tune, written in Spanish, has racked up over a billion views on YouTube. "Diles" is a romantic song with frantic rhythms and seductive harmonies that emphasize the need to slow down and be human with the one you love.

Soy Peor

Bad Bunny's "Soy Peor" was another viral smash that went viral early on and has almost a billion views on YouTube. That's a lot of music, and it's hard for most musicians to wrap their heads around it. However, Bad Bunny has proven capable of such behavior on several occasions. This profound tune, sung in English and Spanish, demonstrates why the artist has won four Latin Grammys.

Like It a lot!

Bad Bunny's status as a significant player in the music industry was solidified by his collaboration with the notorious rapper Cardi B & J Balvin on a hit single. Colorful and full of energy, the music video for "I Like It" could propel a Caribbean liner. Look at the piece below (even if you've heard it played on the radio a thousand times before).

"I'm Carrying Good Things"

Both the song and the music video may significantly impact one another. The video opens with an unremarkable shot of Bad Bunny scrubbing a car, but the good times and memorable tunes that follow give the impression that a block party is just around the corner. The intensity of the music and the Spanish lyrics combine to create a catchy pop song.

T Me Inquirió"

Bad Bunny may be known for his massive pop successes, but this song makes you feel like he's whispering confidence to you despite his thunderous delivery. This is the actual talent of Bad Bunny. Yes, he excels at pop song melody, production, and presentation. However, the ability to make your listeners feel like friends despite these obstacles is a true talent.


"Efecto," a newer single from the lauded artist, reverberates like a narcotic trip right when you need it. This week certainly seemed lengthy. You may feel down because of emotional pain, professional setbacks, or financial constraints. Fortunately, Bad Bunny provides a brief relief right here. He reassures you in a foreign tongue that everything will be OK. So let yourself get absorbed by the noise.

El ltimo Tour Del Mundo

With over a billion views on YouTube, this pulsating track is proof of Bad Bunny's immense popularity. It seems like he could wake up in the morning and write a song that would stick in your head for days. But instead, simplicity and skill come together in this smashing success.


Callista is akin to a passionate phone conversation with a close companion or lover. First, your ears will ring with it, like just a note of adoration. Then it adds the epic flavor for which the lyricist is famous. You are entirely in his artist's control.


Relax and let the music take control. Relish it like a wave. In fact, "Neverita" encourages just such an approach. All right, stick with me here. It evokes feelings of both the past and the present and seems modern. Top-tier pop-music conjuring.

Moscow Mule

A smooth tune that's fittingly named after a drink. It's refreshing and filling, much like the beverage it's called for. To add to the chart-topping songs released this year, "Moscow Mule" was released earlier this year. However, if you don't care about such things, let it settle in your fun-loving soul.