Most popular Dead by Daylight streamers

With these streamers, the DBD community has their daily dose of content.

Dead by Daylight created by Behaviour Interactive was first launched in 2016. The asymmetrical survival horror game grew over the years, thanks to its growing supportive community. Half a decade later, the game is still going strong. Why, you ask? Because the game is absolutely wild.

Back when it released, it was a minimal game. The foundation was basic: four survivors are put in a randomly generated map where they need to survive by fixing five generators, opening the exit gates and escaping, all the while a killer is out there to hunt them down. Like I said, basic. But as the game grew, more survivor and killer characters added, newer maps were released. Each character had an elaborate back story, new skins, and more perks and so on. Gameplays and mind-games galore, Dead by Daylight summoned more players and fanbase over the years.

Content creators and streamers have been fascinated with the game for years. While some stream on Twitch, some have their own YouTube channels with uploaded videos.

Let’s look at the most popular Dead by Daylight streamers out there.

Otzdarva: A killer main, when you find Otzdarva in the lobby as the killer, you’d better be extra careful. No matter the killer main, his knowledge about the game is exhaustive, his gameplays are so meticulously done, he can be hailed as tier god in this game.

ImPROBZZ: If he is not fixing a generator to speed up the escape process, he is right on time with insane beamer saves and 360-ing the killer. High on moral grounds, he always tries to get all four survivors out, even if that means him going down. Least likely to BM (bad-manner) anyone in-game.

ZubatLEL: There are few players who can play survivor and killer with same skillset and ZubatLEL is one of them. As a survivor, he can play mind games with the killer all game if needed be and as a killer, he outplays the survivors’ mind games. He is best in the game for his mechanical skills and decision making. Everything about ZubatLEL’s play is finely tuned.

OhTofu: Talent and comedy go hand in hand with this streamer. He is a fun streamer who dabbles in humour about emotes with his chat. An interactive streamer who lets his cat cut in on his stream.

Ayrun: This British lad will run across the map when the killer is staring right at him. He thrives in long chases, flashing a beamer at the killer and escaping untouched.

TheJRM: With JRM, watching a stream is mad entertaining. With his usual comments and speaking his mind out loud while running away, from healing mid chase, you will learn and laugh a lot.

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