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Most Popular Mexican Telenovelas

If you have a particular fondness for stories of long-lost wicked twins, handsome trophy spouses, overnight successes and catastrophic failures, and incredible feats of survival, this article is for you.

You're in the correct place! Take time to appreciate telenovelas, the medium that has brought you this, and much more. We have compiled the top television shows of all time to show that you will be hooked regardless of how plausible they are. Popular telenovelas typically have a desire to get revenge, an illicit love (or several), and maybe some MAJOR marital strife, and this is true whether the show is a remake, a sequel, or an original creation. However, it is precisely this that makes them so fantastic! You know a good novel is nothing unless juicy, and we have the greatest Spanish-language operas available to stream right now, so get some popcorn, get some cafecito, and sit in for some d-r-a-m-a.

La Reina del Sur

Set in Mexico, La Reina (The Queen) follows Teresa Mendoza as she rises through the ranks to become the country's most powerful drug lord. A third season of the wildly successful Telemundo series La Reina se Encuentra is in the works after its debut in 2011.

Seora Acero

This five-season Telemundo show (it premiered in 2014) followed a lovely woman who takes over the family company when her drug dealer husband dies on the wedding day. As shocking as the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones was, the premiere of this show was more stunning.

Rosario Tijeras

This gripping series lasted for three seasons and was based on a Colombian drama of the same name. It follows a disturbed young lady who, after being abused by her stepfather for years, chooses to spend her life exacting vengeance on those responsible for her distress.


If you, like the remainder of the world, are completely fascinated with Élite, then imagine Rebelde as a much more relaxed version. Set at an exclusive boarding school, this version is a reimagining of the Argentine serial Rebelde Way. Even if the initial early-2000s series is hard to stream, you can watch the latest Netflix version right now since it explores the interactions of a group of wealthy and scholarship graduates who get together to establish a pop band.

So now that you know what shows you need to binge-watch, what is stopping you from experiencing these dramas!