Published By: Riya Banerjee

Most popular university cities in Canada that students are flocking to

Are you interested in doing your higher studies from Canada? If yes, then you should know which are the best cities and universities to go to

Among all the countries around the world, Canada is extremely well known for being a popular choice for students to pursue their higher studies. Many reasons such as the diverse culture, the technological advancement and the friendly behaviour have urged more and more students to go to Canada and start studying as well as working. In fact, the country has some very popular university cities that are top choices for students who come from different countries. If you too are planning to do your higher studies in Canada, here are a few of the popular university cities that you can consider while choosing…


When it comes to diverse art and culture, Toronto is the best city to set an example for that. A hugely populated city, Toronto attracts the most number of students every year from all around the world. The city not only has the top universities like University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson, but also gives great employment opportunities to one and all.


Another extremely popular student hub, Quebec City also sees a huge influx of aspiring pupils every year. It has several well known universities like University of Sherbrooke, University of Quebec, among others. Another reason why Quebec is a top choice is because of the low unemployment rates and the student friendly neighbourhoods.


Many may think that Montreal can be an expensive place for students but in fact it is extremely affordable and thus sees huge international students’ influx each season. Most popular universities that students come to Montreal for have to be University of Montreal and Concordia, but there are a few others too that offer good courses. Biggest advantage for students in Montreal is that the city is very well connected by public transport and eating out is extremely cheap!


Voted as one of the best university cities in Canada, Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and has some popular universities like University of Regina, Campion College, and Luther College High School, among others. The rent here is considered to be extremely cheap and the average salary is higher than in most cities!