Published By: Satavisha

Most Precious Jewelry In The World That Are Owned By Indian Royal Families

The Indian Royals and their fondness for exquisite gemstones go arm in arm. It is no surprise that they own some of the most valuable and rare jewelry that will blow your mind!

Not many years ago, all the nations viewed the Indian subcontinent as the treasure casket of the world. The mineral-abundant terrain of India yielded the finest gemstones that lured many accomplished craftspeople and designers. For centuries, the Indian royal families have been displaying their colossal collection of wealth through their stunning palaces, breathtaking forts, and lavish ornaments. Here are some of the most precious and rare jewelry in the world, owned or once owned by the Indian royalties.

The Patiala necklace, originally owned by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh 

This stunning necklace was crafted using 2,930 diamonds and also the world’s seventh largest diamond, ‘De Beers,’ a 234-carat yellow, as its centerpiece. This fine piece of jewelry was crafted by Cartier Paris for Patiala’s Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in 1928. The necklace contained diamonds, platinum, topazes, zirconias, synthetic rubies, citrine, smoky quartz, and Burmese rubies.

The magnificent diamond crown, owned by the Maharaja of Kapurthala 

Jagatjit Singh, the Maharaja of Kapurthala, at the time of his reign, was popularly viewed as a style icon. He was in possession of numerous custom-made diamond studded crowns, apart from the one we are discussing here. The Maharaja’s ensembles were always tagged with flattering jewels, showcasing his penchant for jewelry.

The royal emerald necklace, owned by the Maharaja of Nawanagar 

The Maharaja of Nawanagar ( modern-day Gujarat’s Jamnagar) owned a magnificent necklace, studded with diamonds and emeralds. The necklace features 17 rectangle-shaped emeralds, each stone weighing 277 carats. The emerald on the pendant was once a part of a Turkish Sultan’s jewelry collection.

The Patiala ruby choker, owned by Maharani of Patiala 

This stunning ruby choker was crafted in 1931, by Cartier Paris, for the Maharani of Patiala. Pearls, diamonds, and rubies were used to create this phenomenal ornament. Only the upper segment of the choker was designed with six layers of diamonds with rubies and outlined with pearls. The centerpiece of the choker features rubies studded with pearls, while the lower segment was the most weighty for all the diamonds and pearls.

Star of the South diamond necklace - previously owned by Baroda’s Maharani Sita Devi

A three-tiered diamond studded necklace, featuring a staggering 128-carat ‘Star of the South diamond’ was adorned by Baroda’s Maharani Sita Devi. The ornament also constitutes an English Dresden diamond, weighing 78.5 carats. The Gaekwar of Baroda, Mulhar Rao, purchased the Star of South for nearly 20 million INR. But in 2002, this iconic ornament was purchased by Mumbai’s Rustomjee Jamsetjee, and he further sold it to Cartier.

India was home to many such magnificent jewelries; unfortunately, only a few valuables are still in possession of the Indian royal families, while most have changed ownership.