Most scenic train rides across India

Train rides are always unique and they offer something which a road trip or an air trip cannot offer. There is something about trains which makes people instantly fall in love with them. There are some trains and routes which are so beautiful that you might want to be there forever.

Here are the most scenic train rides across the nation.

Kalka to Shimla

The train ride between Kalka to Shimla is not only beautiful but it is historical and has an importance in the Indian culture. This vintage toy train and the route were made by the British during the colonial era for their leisure and it is one of the most exciting routes of the country. Anyone who visits Shimla and Manali to spend their holidays thinks of taking this route. To be fair, this train ride takes a lot of time as it is merely a toy train and it will take you to Shimla in around 6 hours from Kalka which is just 90 kilometres away but the route is filled with scenic beauties. The train travels through different mountains and valleys and it is a fun ride.

The Indian Maharajan Deccan Odyssey

While some train rides offers beautiful routes and scenic beauty which you can enjoy by looking outside the window, this special train which runs from Delhi to Mumbai offers you a lavish ride inside it. The train is one of the most expensive trains ever and it has vintage royal vibes to it. From dining like a five star hotel to in built gym and spa, this train has it all. It is filled with luxuries and offers different amenities which you cannot find in any other single train. What makes it more thrilling is that it stops at all beautiful tourist locations so you can enjoy the view too.

Jaipur To Jaisalmer

The route from Jaipur to Jaisalmer might not look very exciting in a road trip but it is a heavenly experience from a train. It is one of the lesser talked railway routes that offer you beautiful views of the dessert and the yellow tinted jungles. On your way, you can explore many beautiful places which will drive your wandering mind crazy and will feel of getting off the train.

Sethu Express

Sethu Express is a unique train which runs from Chennai to Rameshvaram. It passes from different tunnels and rivers and offer some great views. It is an inspiring journey which one must take, especially if they are willing to visit Rameshwaram for pilgrimage. The route is so beautiful that it is explored in many movies.

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