Most stylish fictional characters ever

From Scarlett O’ Hara’s southern belle to Ryan Gosling’s jacketed look from Drive, we have got you covered.

  1. Andy Sachs – One of the most impressive transformations happens in The Devil Wears Prada. From sneakers and loafers to Chanel boots …and so much more.
  2. James Bond – Clean-cut suits, dinner suits are watermarked by James Bond over the last two decades. Hands down Bond is one of the most fashionable fictional characters ever.
  3. Holly Golightly – Three words – Givenchy, satin, floor-length. Audrey Hepburn’s entire closet was designed by Hubert de Givenchy.
  4. Don DraperMad Men’s Don Draper sure knows how to dress. Clean, bold, not a hair out of place, Draper revels in suits that resemble New York executive fashion of the ‘60s. Once you have laid eyes on him, it’s hard to turn away.
  5. Haley DunphyModern Family’s Dunphy family had one super fashionable member whose dressing sense was matched with the growing trends. And the hairstyle too changed with it.
  6. Blair Waldorf – Blair is Queen B of Upper East Side in Gossip Girl. With girly headbands, a mix of print and pattern, anything B lays her eyes on, turns to good fashion. Snarky Blair or not, her fashion is commendable.
  7. Dickie Greenleaf – Jude Law’s fashion sense in The Talented Mr Ripley transcends smoothly from the beach to the bar. I mean who else has the confidence to pair tailored swim shorts with a SHIRT and still look hot.
  8. Sydney Prosser – Sydney Prosser makes us want to dump our closet and invest in some 70’s fashion. Amy Adams stars as Prosser in American Hustle with plunging necklines, wrap dresses and typical flouncy hairdo of the ‘70s.
  9. Cher – Cher Horowitz is surely not Clueless about fashion. Mini-skirts, Calvin Klein, bold plaid suits and occasionally the hats – all make Cher an ever-stylish character.
  10. The Driver Drive made us realise you don’t need Italian suits and Positano custom shirts to be stylish. The Driver made it clear you can look fashionable with a jacket and jeans.
  11. Chow Mo- Wan – Wang Kar Wai’s costumes for Maggie Chueng were bold. Cho Mo Wan’s suits were drab like a journalist, but his slick hair combed back rightly complemented the tone of Cheung’s bold colour dresses.
  12. Tommy Shelby – 1920’s Birmingham fashion is packed up in a deliciously stylish package of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Stephanie Collie does brilliant work with 1920’s English suits.

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