Mountain Town Destinations In America To Explore

Here are some fabulous mountain towns in America to visit

There is something mysterious and magical about a land covered in mountains. Life almost seems a bit slower in an environment with dense forests, vistas, and gorgeous lakes. It can also make for a dreamy getaway destination. While most people think of ski trips when they think of mountains, there are many places to enjoy during the summer and winter months. Thrillseekers who love to hike, camp or enjoy the vibrant colours of summertime or fall can enjoy some of the thrilling mountain town destinations in America. Here are some places to add to your travel bucket list.

Get inspired in Taos, New Mexico

Taos in New Mexico may not scream out mountain town holiday destination. However, it is almost a must-visit when you go in the right season. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which surrounds New Mexico, have a lot of character. Plus, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Another bonus is that the town is almost an artist’s dream with striking buildings all around and plenty of galleries to explore.

Check out the views in Lake Placid, New York

This peaceful Adirondack town is a sight to see. You can even enjoy a gondola ride, scenic railway, and many perches for lakeside dining and viewing. In the wintertime, you can try your hand at ice climbing, bobsledding, downhill skiing, speed skating or ski jumping. You can also check out the year-round outdoor activities in Adirondack State Park, which is even bigger than Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park. In summer or winter, the Brewster Peninsula Trails are great in the summer or winter to hike, mountain bike or enjoy the splendour of nature.

Take in the charm of Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon has some spectacular views of Mount Bachelor, which you can enjoy from Todd Lake in Deschutes National Forest. However, you can explore more than the grand views. While you are there, check out the volcanoes, waterfalls, caves, and rugged badlands. This legendary town also has an epic food scene. To learn more about this land, visit the High Desert Museum. You can learn about the flora and fauna of Central Oregon. This complex includes plenty of permanent and temporary indoor exhibits. Of course, hiking around Bend is almost a must-to activity. There are many trails to choose from. Make sure to prepare for the hike beforehand.

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