Moves to help stretch your back and neck

These moves could help offer relief from back and neck pain.

Sitting at a desk all day or scrolling on your phone for long periods of time can take a toll on your back and neck. A good stretch can help loosen up your muscles to tackle this issue. It offers relief from pain by improving blood circulation and flexibility.

Here are a few moves to try, especially if you are sitting down all day.

1 Neck side bend and rotation

This move is great for your upper back and neck. You can either stand or sit in a forward facing position to do this exercise. First, tilt your neck to the right. Feel the stretch. Slowly roll your head in a counter-clockwise direction after 10 seconds.

Stand or sit facing forward, and begin by tilting your neck to the right. You should feel the stretch through your neck to your trap muscle. As you reach your left shoulder, hold the pose for about 10 seconds. Repeat this sequence twice or thrice.

2 Shoulder roll

This particular exercise is good for your upper back and shoulders. First, place your arms down by your sides. Next, in a circular motion roll your shoulder backwards. Complete at least five rotations. Once you complete these rounds, complete five rotations forward. Repeat these steps three times.

3 Overhead arm reach

For this exercise, you need to sit on a chair and make sure your feet are on the ground. Next, stretch your right arm to reach to the left. Make sure to bend your torso so you can feel the stretch in your shoulder. Do the same steps with your left arm. Repeat this move five times on both sides. Do this exercise for your shoulders and upper back.

4 Chair rotation

This exercise is best for upper, mid and lower back. Sit in a chair sideways. Make sure your right side is resting against the chair. Next, rotate your torso to the right as you stretch out to reach for the back of the chair. Hold this pose for 10 seconds and repeat this move three times on both sides.

5 Knee to chest

Lie on the ground. Next, bend your left leg and bring toward your chest. Hold this pose for 10 seconds. Repeat these steps on your right leg. This pose can do wonders for your upper back.

Consult with a doctor before you try these doctors if you suffer extreme back and neck pain.

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