Movie lovers, you must see these film-location sites in New Zealand!

Are you a film buff and love travelling to shooting sites?

New Zealand has several such beautiful locations where films have been shot.

Plan your vacation to the Kiwi land,

 and don’t forget these stunning film locations for a visit!

New Zealand is a much-loved country by tourists for various reasons. Be it the pristine beaches in Auckland or the beauty of Mount Cook, New Zealand has something for the adventure-seeking souls out there. While many go just to gawk at the stunning landscape, this country has also become increasingly popular for film production units! Although The Lord of The Rings was shot there is what caught the attention of tourists, you will be surprised to know that several other films have actually been shot in New Zealand! So if you are a film enthusiast, you must visit these below-mentioned locations while touring the country!


It goes without saying that Hobbiton is the most visited tourist attraction in all of New Zealand! Also called as the Middle Earth heaven, Hobbiton is a place for all the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit franchise fans. You can easily book tours to see this erstwhile village and most of these trips typically include a visit to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ home, the Green Dragon Inn, the Party Tree and many more exquisite filming locations!

Cathedral Cove

Another immensely famous tourist spot, this one was seen in the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Located on east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula and is easily accessible for tourists. You can take a walk on the white sand beach and be in awe of the crystal clear blue water there. Even for those who have not watched the film, this is a beautiful must-visit place in New Zealand!

Karekare Beach

If you have watched the 1993 film The Piano, this place is a must visit. It is often frequented by tourists who want to get pictures of the place which played a focal point in the award-winning film’s script.

Lyall Bay 

While many think that King Kong was shot in New York, it was in fact shot in New Zealand’s Wellington! The capital played home to Skull Island while the Lyall Bay is where they showed the dinosaurs running! So make sure to not miss out on visiting this tourist spot!

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