Movies that shouldn’t be judged by their trailer

Trailers are supposed to be a part of an extension of a movie, but sometimes it fails to do so. And this article is about such failures.

We all have heard the phrase ‘never trust a book by its cover’ but with time and again we have seen that it’s not only applicable to books but also movies. Like covers, in the movie business, the first glimpse and first-hand information about a film is only acquired by its official trailer. And thus it is very important to make trailers that perfectly complements the films and correctly reflects the emotions that the overall film tries to portray. But sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be like that. There are many movies good and bad which have a trailer that can be perceived completely differently. So let’s check out some of these movies which have a totally misleading trailer.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter seems like a gothic horror story where a barber takes vengeance on the judge who framed him, in its trailer. But when the film came out, it was a total surprise, the trailer seemed to have got everything right except the fact that it’s a musical. There’s only one small smidge of Depp singing a song in the trailer and that’s it no other characters were singing.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

If you watch the trailer you will expect the movie to be a happy and fun one because you will see Elijah Wood wearing googly eyes, Kirsten Dunst and Mark Ruffalo dancing around in their pants coupled with the song ‘Mr Blue Sky’ in the background. But the movie tells a totally different story. This is a serious role of Jim Carrey opposite Kate Winslet – they play a couple whose relationship has gone south, and who decide to erase their memories of each other completely. Although it has a bit of humour in the movie, it’s actually a sad film.


Although it was a big hit and even won an oscar when their first teaser trailer came out it sort of appeared as a wacky comedy about a snowman and a reindeer. It was nothing like the film, which was a story of regal sisters Anna and Elsa. The trailer gave out a  false perception of the movie.

It Comes at Night

The trailer of the film shows all the gory stuff, starting from monsters like people vomiting black goo, to loud banging around the house. Which definitely gave away a zombie vibe. But it is when you will see the film and realise that this is a story about a mysterious outbreak, which is focused on trust, paranoia and the things we do to survive. All the scary scenes in the trailer were taken from several nightmare sequences.

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