Movies that they are so bad that they are good

There are some movies that are too bad that they are good. They are unintentional comedies which are loved by us.

Here is a list of so bad that they are good movies.


Gunda is the most poetic film you will ever see. The film has gained attention after some of its clips went viral on internet and now it has a cult fan following. The film is a blunder with a plot too hard to believe and a screenplay which is written by anyone but a writer. The film was what was called a B grade movie in Indian cinema. It has a lazy humor, tacky editing, over the top performances but above all, never heard before dialogues. Yes, the dialogues were the unique selling point of this film as each character is given some poetry to introduce themselves on the screen everytime they appear. These dialogues mean nothing but they are just weird rhymes that will make you laugh. Gunda is not a comedy film but it is hilarious to watch.


PremAggan is Fardeen Khan’s debut movie. He started his career with his father’s production which too suffered from rhyming everything for o reason. In the movie, Fardeen’s character was named Suraj and most of the dialogue of the movie revolved around the sun. The movie used literal metaphors to describe the strength of the lead character. There is also an army dad in the movie, who for some reasons, only talked in the army lingo. The movie is a test of your patience as from the sexist dialogues, double meaning songs to poor performances, it has everything. It is you go to movie if you are looking to pass some time and want to have a good laugh with your friends.


The movie is epic and perhaps the most iconic bad movie ever. The entire film industry participated in this movie as there are many actors who are there and you may lost count of their names. The movie used vfx in the worst way possible and tried to steal from many Hollywood movies. It is a blend of bad editing, poor visual effects, too many parallel story lines and Sonu Nigam, who had no clue what he was doing in that film. The movie turned out to be headache with everyone just roaming around and saying random stuff. It is remembered for having too much of everything and is a cult classic now which you can enjoy with your friends.

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