Movies with amazing soundtrack that you need to watch

Great film and great soundtrack go better than brownie and ice cream.

Movies with a soundtrack to remember is hard to forget. There something truly sensational about the way great soundtracks leave a mark on us. Even a not-so-good movies with excellent soundtracks aren’t easy to forget. Great music live with us even after the movie is over.

So here are some movies with amazing soundtrack that you need to watch.

Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts baby in the corner. “I’ve had the time of my life” by Bill Medley, awesome choreography, some groovy dance moves, everything about Dirty Dancing is awesome. No wonder with tracks ranging from Otis Redding to an original Patrick Swayze, no wonder Johnny and Baby had the time of their lives.


Like Ryan Gosling as a getaway driver in Drive isn’t dreamy enough, the soundtrack ranging from ‘80s pop songs like The Chromatics, LOVEFOXXX, College, and Desire fill the movie with some amazing songs you cannot dare forget. And the way these tracks complete the scene is truly genius.

Spiderman: Into the verse

The animated superhero series caught a lot of attention, even at the Academy’s. The reimagined and animated superhero was brilliant, energetic and hip-hop, reggae, pop and everything in between keeps the action and the emotions up. Swae Lee, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj featured in the soundtrack.

Black Panther

There are so many things awesome about Black Panther, the soundtrack made by Kendrick Lamar sure takes one of the top spots. Socially grasping songs by Lamar perfectly blended the politics in the comic with the real-life action on screen. SZA, 2Chainz, Future and Jorja Smith come together for a soundtrack fitting for Wakanda.

The Graduate

The Dustin Hoffman being romanced by his friend’s mother in The Graduatemight have been the most scandalised back then, but Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson” grasped the ‘60s spirit that we still remember.

Call me By Your Name

Sufjan Stevens contribution to the soundtrack of this movie is phenomenal. The artist has crafted songs for every mood in the journey of Elio and Oliver, down to the ultimate heartbreak. Stevens “Mystery of Love” and “Visions of Gideon” are particularly heart-breaking and yet soulful.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

A marvel movie in this list? Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will remind you of the ‘80s and the recent times. The mixtape of old and new include Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr Blue Sky” and also “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, Sam Cooke’s “Bring it On Home To Me” and anything retro you could think of.


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