Muay Thai: Interesting Facts About Thailand’s National Sports

Muay Thai is the oldest form of kickboxing and is said to be the foundational block for every other form of kickboxing.

Muay Thai, commonly known as Thai Boxing, is a form martial arts training style that originated in Thailand. Considered to be Thailand’s national sports, Muay Thai is deeply rooted in the rich history and heritage of the Thai people. However, it is a tough world for the Muay Thai fighters. Beyond all the shine and the glamour, Muay Thai fighters have to go through hard training and even near death experiences.

Most Muay Thai Fighters Start an Early Training

Most Muay Thai fighters start their training at a very early age. At an elementary age of 7 or 9 years, Muay Thai fighters start training for the boxing ring. This is partly because it opens up opportunities for children to bring home additional finance for the family in Thailand. At times it is the parents who decide that their child would be a Muay Thai fighter. The Muay Thai fighters usually have a tough childhood trying  to keep up with studies as well as boxing training.

Gamblers Run the Ring

Muay Thai in Thailand is highly influenced by the gambling community. Gamblers run the game and could even influence the outcome of the fight. There are chances where a gambler could tip off a fighter to lose a fight. However, throwing Muay Thai fights is considered to be a serious crime in Thailand and could be give rise to serious consequences.

Muay Thai is Not Very Well-Paid

Muay Thai fights offer very little money compared to what western boxing does. Depending on the status of the Muay Thai fighter, their earnings usually range from 150 dollars to 4000 dollars. However, western boxers have an ever expanding purse that brings in a few millions even. It is because Muay Thai fighters are paid so less, they often end up fighting several multiple fights in one month.

Poisoning the Fighters

As said earlier, gamblers have great control over the Muay Thai scene in Thailand. Since they put up a lot of money at stake, the gamblers often go to any length in order to win. One way they try to turn the outcome of a fight is by spiking the water of the opponent with poison. The poison is not usually meant for killing the fighters, but for incapacitating them.

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