Multiplayer games that are super famous right now

Multiplayer games are the most fun when you bring your whole friend squad together virtually.

Imagine having your friends over (virtually of course) to join in a looting adventure, or in an outer spacecraft, or in a 5v5 multiplayer game. If you’re too strained (read: lazy) to meet your friends right now but would want to spend some virtual time with them, here are a few games to rev up the Friday night. You can give it your own twist (iykwim).

  1. Among Us: Among Us gained so much fame and is still running wild. This social deduction game is easy to play. Complete tasks, call meetings, find the impostor. Watch your closest friend lie through their teeth, bringing out the competitiveness (or worst) in them. The game will keep you playing way after you yell out “Alright, LG for me guys”.
  2. Animal Crossing: Invite your friends over in the virtual world of Animal Crossing. In an island, inhabited with really cute-looking animals, players can have a good time. You can chalk out prices for the turnips and veggie on your island, or just talk about clothing patterns, it’s always a fun time on Animal Crossing.
  3. Valorant: Valorant is Riot’s answer to Overwatch. This multi-player shooting based game divides the game into two teams of five, with the mission to plant a weapon or diffuse it. The game gives an adrenaline rush and players need to be quick with their aim.
  4. COD- Warzone: Warzone is a constant struggle for survival. Call of Duty is already famed for arcade-like action and is thoroughly addictive. It is a stop-and-pop arcade- shooter-feels kind of a game that makes gamers levitate towards it.
  5. DBD: Dead by Deaylight is the imaginative multiplayer version of killer-against-people. The survivors scurry across the map with limited items to assist them. The Killer has an arsenal of weapons to track and destroy the survivors. If you’re playing with your friends, it’s a perfect ground to exact revenge for the time they blocked you on IG.
  6. Minecraft: The low-res, blocky world of Minecraft is your oyster where you can spend time chatting and playing with your friends, all the while building infrastructure block by block. It is also appropriate for all ages.
  7. Phasmophobia: Phasmophobia is your answer to going ghost-hunting. You get options to investigate haunted houses with your friends. Beware of ghosts lurking around to harm you. If you get scared easy, maybe skip this ‘cause this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Other mentions include Overnight, Clash of Clans, Fortnite and FIFA.

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