Must-eat Delectable Vegetarian Dishes You Can Only Enjoy In Egypt

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If you are a devout vegetarian planning to visit Egypt and are confused about what to eat during your trip, read on. Do you love exploring new vegetarian cuisine and are keen on trying the most healthy and mouth-watering Egyptian food options? Follow this guide to discover some of the must-try vegetarian dishes you can only savor in Egypt.

Fiteer Baladi (Egyptian Pizza)

Call it fiteer baladi or Egyptian Pizza, this delicious recipe can be described as a combination of pizza and pancake. This Egyptian vegetarian delicacy is prepared with filo dough in multiple layers, and is put in a brick oven to cook it. The fiteer comes in several varieties like sweet, plain or savory.

Tamiyya (Egyptian Falafel)

Tamiyya is Egyptian falafel, and it is prepared using fava beans in place of chickpeas. This recipe requires an array of aromatic and fresh herbs like dill, cilantro, mint, parsley and ground cumin, coriander, and paprika. The falafel balls are coated in sesame seeds and then fried to add crunch. The outcome is simply lip-smacking. You can enjoy tamiyya on your own or stuff your sandwich with them. You may also wedge it in a small pita and snack on it with some lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and lemony tahini.


Simits look like round bread coated in sesame seeds, and it is Egypt’s most famous street food. You can find street vendors selling simit all across the country. In cities like Amman and Cairo, vendors sell simits in push carts. These lovely loaves are unmissable. Try pairing simit with tea, or you can cut it into half and stuff it with cheese and tomato and a dash of pepper.

Ful Medames

Ful Medames or fūl is another must-try staple of Egypt. It is a delectable creamy paste prepared from olive oil, pepper, fava beans, cumin, and salt and seasoned with parsley, garlic, onions, and lemon juice. This paste-like dish is a traditional food in Egypt and is typically served at breakfast.


This beige-colored, popular spread is prepared in the traditional way, using tahini sesame paste, mashed chickpeas, garlic, and lemon juice. People all over the world are fond of hummus for its lovely tangy flavor and chock full of nutrients. Hummus is served with a dash of olive oil, and is commonly savored by people as a dip for flatbreads like pita or veggies.

Immerse yourself in the superb flavors of Egypt.

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