Must-have items for every bride on her wedding day

It’s your Big Day and all it requires is a Wedding Day Survival Kit!

Before you get ready for your big day, make sure you have kept your essentials packed, either by yourself or get your bridesmaids on the job. There are few items you shouldn’t overlook, even though we understand the morning of your wedding day will be a little hectic. You might miss little things, or might get confused as to what you should pack, so we are here to help you get a list of these must-have items:

Toothbrush, Shampoo, Razor

These three-bathroom essentials are highly important when you are getting all decked up for entering a new life in a new home. You wouldn’t want to go places in the morning while searching for a toothbrush, your razor, or your suitable shampoo. These little things are the ones we tend to forget to carry. So, take it as a small reminder from us to you!


We understand you’ll find plenty of chemists on your way to your newly wedded home, but we can’t guarantee if you’ll find your prescribed medicines, which you take on a regular basis. So without thinking much, get all your medicines packed and stored in your wedding day kit, and thank us later!

Make-up and nail polish remover

Might sound non-essential, but once you see these items in your bag, when you try removing your high-definition makeup, you’ll feel a sense of relief. You could use water, but don’t you think having a remover will make the job a lot easier.

Hair clips/accessories, extra bobby pins

The first day after your wedding, we don’t want you to wander here and there searching for the smallest of clips that fit your hair well. Just get all your hair accessories packed a day earlier and grab some extra, in case your husband can’t get them from the nearby cosmetic store, the next day itself.

Hairbrush, curlers, straightening iron, and hairdryer

Keeping personal stuff is always better than having to ask for them from others as a new bride. You would also not want to use a hair comb used by someone else. Better ask your bridesmaids to get them loaded in your survival kit.

Sanitary Products

Not to be left unmentioned, these essentials should at no cost be missed. Before packing any other thing, make sure you have got them safely stored, to not miss on them before you leave your home. We don’t want you to panic when it’s that day of the month and you’re out of stock!

We hope these tips can make your day easier and more pleasurable.

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