Must-know tips to crack a Job interview

Preparing for an upcoming job interview? Take a look at this super easy checklist on tips to crack any interview.

Interviews make us excited as well as nervous. We all at some point of time have felt that jitter before an interview or still do. But getting nervous doesn’t help. When we are called for an interview, we often forget to prepare for basics. As they say “The first impression is the last impression”, we have mentioned below a few effective interview skills that you must consider to ace your interview.


  1. Always do company research:
Never go for an interview without doing your research about the company. You need to know the company background to have a fair knowledge of what do they do, what are their products and services, who are their competitors? It will add to confidence. You should know who is going to take your interview.

LinkedIn and Glassdoor are great platforms where you can look up for company information.

  1. Lookup for common interview question and prepare yourself.
Although, its best to be spontaneous during an interview, it is also important to have a few answers prepared for commonly asked questions according to the job profile well in advance so that you sound informed. It makes you more confident.
  1. Understand the Job requirement
Knowing what kind of profile are you looking for is very important. A lucrative salary doesn’t matter if your job doesn’t keep you happy. Therefore, always understand the job description and see if it’s the right fit for you. This will surely make you more clear and confident during your interview.
  1. Dress Smart and Neat
Formal or semi-formal attire is always the best choice for an interview. Keep your hair neatly tied or done and keep your shoes clean.  Dressing appropriately for the job that you are applying for plays a vital role in adding up to your chances of getting selected. Don’t dress up too formal, neither do you need to dress up too casually. Keep it balanced and rock your look. Present yourself well!
  1. Reach well in advance
Reaching early is better than reaching late and giving a wrong first impression to the employer. Be punctual. Reach ten to fifteen minutes early so that you can relax and be ready to give the interview.

During the Interview

  • Always answer the related questions, do not over-elaborate.
  • Confidence gets you hired. Stay confident in whatever you want to convey.
  • Don’t forget to smile and keep things light when required. Serious face or expression gives an impression to the interviewer that you are nervous.
  • Be honest and flexible. Try and skip the questions by simply saying sorry rather than rambling or giving wrong or misinformed answers. A flexible approach is better than a firm approach.
  • Stay calm and composed.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Keep a check on your pitch and tone.
When it ends
  • Right before closing the interview, try asking for feedback without keeping any fear in your head. It gives your employer a positive impression about you.
  • Take follow-ups if and when required.
  • If you get the job, always write a thank you email.
Hope this read helps you crack your upcoming interviews.

Remember – Never give up!  CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY to success.

Good luck!