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Must-visit art exhibitions and events in and around the world you need to check out

While artists can also find an opportunity to sell their work, some individuals will only purchase pieces to enhance their worth.

Since art fairs are the main driving force behind the growth of the art industry, more organizations are now organizing events related to them. These include small exhibitions and biennales, which bring together various players in the industry to introduce their agendas and share ideas.

These events are usually focused on doing business. Art galleries and dealers will usually use these to produce deals and promote their establishments. While artists can also find an opportunity to sell their work, some individuals will only purchase pieces to enhance their worth.

Kochi-Muziris Biennale- Dec-March every year

The biennale aims to promote the cultural and cosmopolitan spirit of Kerala’s modern capital. It aims to create a platform for showcasing and discussing the latest international practices and theories in the field of visual art. The event’s various programs and activities will also help art enthusiasts and collectors connect with each other.

Cape town Art Fair- February every year

The Cape Town Art Fair is a testament to the flourishing art scene in Africa. Its organizers are committed to supporting and collaborating with emerging and talented artists from the continent. The city, which boasts a bustling art scene, also serves as a melting pot for both art enthusiasts and young African artists.

India Art Fair- January every year

After travelling to London in 2008, artist and entrepreneur, Neha Kripal, came up with the idea of the India Art Fair. She was inspired by the city’s vibrant art scene and wanted to do something to improve the image of the country’s art industry. Since she had no previous experience organizing an art festival, the event has become vital to the country’s cultural development. Over 200 exhibits from various countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the rest of Asia, are displayed at the fair.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe- August every year

Over 50,000 people attend the event, which featured over 3,000 art-related performances.  Since its inception in 1947, the festival has become one of the most prominent art events in the world.

Sharjah Biennale- March to June every year

The 10th edition of the Sharjah International Art Fair is currently taking place. It showcases the work of various artists from different backgrounds and genres, and it aims to provide a unique perspective on the region’s rich traditions and culture. This event is also worth watching for its multiple performances.

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