Myths about astronauts

There lie several misconceptions about becoming an astronaut, you must be aware of the facts if you wish to choose it as a profession.

People tend to believe myths when there are not enough true facts available on the internet. The same things happen with highly appreciated professions like astronauts. People tend to overthink this prestigious profession. However, the most common concept about this profession is false or partially true.You must have wished at least once to visit space as an astronaut. If you wish to become an astronaut, you must start preparation since your school days. Let me share a triviaabout the term “astronaut” first. This term is derived from a Greek word, which means “space sailor”. Let’s debunk some myths about astronauts.

Myth: All astronauts should have piloting experience to become successful.

Fact: This notion is entirely false. There is no mandatory rule of being a pilot to become an astronaut. The experience of flying is not required for every astronaut. However, it may be beneficial to havepiloting experience.

Myth: Perfect vision is a must-have criterion to become an astronaut.

Fact: Good vision is required for becoming an astronaut. But, not everyone has the perfect 20/20 vision. However, there is a solution if you don’t have a perfect vision. The topmost astronomical agencies in every country have authorized surgical procedures to rectify vision-related issues.

Myth: All astronauts are highly qualified and receive degrees like Ph.D.

Fact: this is another wrong concept about becoming an astronaut. Having a Bachelor’s degreefrom an accredited universityis the basic criteria for applying for the post of astronaut. You may check the criteria for becoming an astronaut on the NASA website.

Myth: You must have military experience to become an astronaut.

Fact: This is an age-old myth. Probably this myth became popular from foreign movies. In reality, you don’t need military experience to become an astronaut.

Myth: Only middle-aged persons can become an astronaut.

Fact: Well, this is another very wrong concept. There are no age restrictions for becoming an astronaut. According to the global database, the age range for theselected astronaut candidates is between 26 and 46.The global average age of becoming an astronaut is 34.

Myth: The eligibility criteria for NASA is extremely high tough which needs rigorous training

Fact: This notion is partially true. According to NASA, you don’t have to beuber-qualified for becoming an astronaut. You should have a bachelor’s degree along with relevant experience in fields like physical science,engineering, mathematics, and biological science. Also, you should be healthy enough to qualify for physical tests. The physical tests are not as tough as military training.

So, do not believe in those myths about astronauts.

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