Myths about auto immune diseases

With over 80 distinct types, the autoimmune disease has become a serious threat to mankind over the years.

Around 4% of the global population suffers from autoimmune diseases. The reasons are numerous. It may be caused by a genetic setup or some unknown reasons. Many times, environmental factors play a huge role in this. Generally, a person suffers from autoimmune diseases when his/her immune system attacks the body’s own cells, tissues, or organs mistakenly. As there are no specific reasons, no exact treatment process is known till now. That leads to various myths about autoimmune diseases. Go through this article to rectify those.

Myth: Only pharmaceuticals can treat autoimmune diseases.

Fact: Several autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes require medication. However, some diseases need changes in lifestyle and habits. As the reason behind autoimmune diseases is the overactive immune system, doctors need to focus on specialized treatment.

Myth: Digestive health is not related to autoimmune disease.

Fact: This is utterly false. The organs responsible for the immune system are located in the gut mostly. So, your digestive health is directly linked to autoimmune diseases. Sometimes, it has been observed that a person recovers faster from autoimmune diseases after changing food habits. So, take care of your digestive health to stay away from autoimmune diseases.

Myth: One treatment process should be applied to everyone suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Fact: These days are gone when one medicine can be prescribed to everyone. Now, doctors rely on specialized treatment. Based on the condition of patients and the progression of the disease, doctors improvise the treatment. Some common methods are the application of immunosuppressant drugs, physical therapy, and surgery.

Myth: Autoimmune diseases are always genetic.

Fact: Not necessarily. If your family members are suffering from any autoimmune diseases, you need not worry. It is not always genetic. But, you must take precautions. For instance, diabetes is genetic but mostly, it is promoted by environmental factors.

Myth:  Autoimmune disease is only promoted by stress.

Fact: Stress can be one major factor behind the progression of autoimmune diseases, but not the sole reason. Many people think that only people under severe stress will get autoimmune diseases, which is certainly not true.

Myth: Suffering from an autoimmune disease indicates your body is devoid of any immune system.

Fact: This is a common misconception. Autoimmune diseases are never caused by a lack of immune system, but rather due to abnormal behavior of the immune system. They attack healthy cells of your body during this condition.

Myth: Losing weight is the best solution to treat autoimmune diseases.

Fact: Losing weight is definitely not a cure for any disease. Always remember that. Let’s take an example of the autoimmune disease diabetes. Many people think reducing weight will surely cure the problem. It may reduce some risks, but cannot prevent the disease or completely cure it.

Autoimmune diseases can happen to anybody, there is no age barrier. Unfortunately, they are complex and sometimes people die due to a lack of treatment.  You should never ignore any simple disease and take advice from an expert.

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