Myths about baby teeth

A perfect smile needsa proper dental arrangement of teeth.

Although being temporary, baby teeth are equally important as permanent adult teeth. Dental care should start from childhood. If you are a parent and worried about traditional concepts of baby teeth, this is the perfect article for you. Go through this article to clear those misconceptions regarding baby teeth.

Myth: Baby teeth are not so important

Fact: This is a completely false notion. People think that permanent teeth are only important for survival. However, the importance of baby teeth is overlooked most of the time. It is important to know those baby teeth actually shape your mouth and gum. It provides a place for future permanent teeth. If your baby is losing baby teeth prematurely, you should immediately consult a dentist, as premature falling of baby teeth make congested or crowded misshaped adult teeth.

Myth: No need to worry about cavities in baby teeth.

Fact: cavity in any teeth is a matter of concern. People tend to think that, babies not going to have those teeth permanently, so there is no requirement of treatment for cavities in baby teeth. But, this can be harmful to your babies. Cavities can lead to pain, discomfort as microorganisms grow there. It may cause bad breath also. It is always a better option to seek proper medical care if there are cavities in baby teeth.

Myth: Regular brushing is not required for babies.

Fact: Just like adults, babies do need regular brushing. It is beneficial from two aspects. Firstly, it is a very good habit of brushing daily, at the same time it provides good oral care. When oral care starts from childhood, the majority of dental issues can be avoided.

Myth: There is no need to visit a dentist for babies.

Fact: people tend to think that only adults need a dentist’s help. But, it is required for babies too. Dentists suggest visiting them as soon as the first teeth come out for babies. It is considered an important health check-up.The health of teeth and mouth need to be monitored regularly.

Myth: Provide fluoride enriched food and use toothpaste with high fluoride content for babies to prevent cavities.

Fact: This is a partial truth. Scientifically, fluoride is required for the prevention of dental cavities, but there is a certain limit to it. Excessive fluoride intake is not good for your health. It promotes cavity formation. So, you should consult with an expert regarding the level of fluoride required for your baby.

Myth: Babies should brush their own teeth.

Fact: this is a wrong concept. The kids are not born with the special power of brushing. You just need to train them at the initial phase. Always stay in front of them while your kids are brushing. One common problem associated with them is the swallowing of toothpaste.

So, stay away frommyths and take proper care of your babies.

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