Myths about famous Monalisa painting

One of the fascinating things in the world, the portrait of Monalisa is still a matter of extensive research by historians.

The painting of Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the best art forms in the world. The beautiful portrait was painted in the first half of the sixteenth century. Various misconceptions still puzzle people across the globe regarding this painting. You must be shocked to know that the portrait was attacked several times and due to this, it is kept in a weather-controlled environment inside the bulletproof glass. If painting excites you then this is the perfect article for you to know detailed facts about the portrait of Monalisa. Go through this article to nullify those myths.

Myth: The name of the lady in the portrait is Monalisa

Fact: this notion is entirely false. The name of the painting is Monalisa, not the lady in the painting. After extensive research, it was found that name of the lady is Lisa Gherardini. Historians also found out that she was wealthy and adoring. The husband of Lisa Gherardini, Mister Francesco del Giocondo paid a large amount for this portrait. The name Monalisa came from “Monna Lisa” which means “My lady Lisa” in the Italian language.

Myth: Leonardo da Vinci completed the portrait before dying.

Fact: people used to think that the painting of Monalisa is completely done by Leonardo da Vinci. However, this is not true. He died in 1519. At the time of dying, he had many unfinished works. This is one of them. The painting was finished by one of his assistants later. But, it is noteworthy to mention that he completed nearly 90-95% of this portrait.

Myth: Monalisa is a large portrait.

Fact: This is also a false notion. It is really a small portrait. The height and width of this portrait are 30 and 21 inches respectively. The weight of this portrait is around 18 pounds (8 Kilograms).

Myth: Monalisa had no eyebrows.

Fact: This is a longstanding misconception. By looking at the portrait, anyone will be confused about the eyebrows of the lady. People are divided into two groups regarding this. One group thinks that Monalisa had no eyebrows, the other group thinks the opposite. The debate ended in 2007 when a French engineer Pascal Cotte discovered an extremely high definition camera to observe minute details. He showed that there were few strokes of eyelashes in the painting. Then the historians concluded that due to restoration issues the color got faded over the years. That’s why the modern picture of Monalisa had no eyelashes.

Myth: The smile of Monalisa changes every time you look at the painting,

Fact: It is also a longstanding myth. This false notion signifies how art can deceive your eyes. The real reason behind this trick is the eye to brain coordination. Actually,the brain tricks you to think that there is a shift in the angles of lips. Every time you focus on a portrait, it depicts a different language.

So, do not believe in myths about the mesmerizing painting of Monalisa.

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