Myths about green tea

With rising health consciousness, you need to have a proper idea about green tea, which you might have included in your diet just to lose some extra weight.

Green tea, originated from China, is a special type of tea from Camellia sinensis leaves and leaf buds. As the manufacturing process is different from other types, green tea contains important compounds like polyphenols and caffeine too. There floats a large chunk of misinformation about green tea. Do always check facts when you hear any information, and this article will provide you with scientific facts about green tea.

Myth: Green tea is the best solution for weight loss.

Fact: This is certainly false. You cannot lose weight all of a sudden by drinking green tea regularly. No drastic change in body weight can be observed when you drink green tea. It can only act as a catalyst in a weight loss diet.

Myth: Green tea boosts your metabolism.

Fact: There is no certain evidence of boosting metabolism. The phytochemicals only help in promoting digestive health, but there is no scientific clinical proof behind the boost in metabolism power in human beings.

Myth: Green tea stops the aging process.

Fact: Green tea cannot prevent you from natural aging. It has anti-oxidant properties which help in removing oxidative stress and detoxifying blood. They can only slow down the process, but cannot prevent it.

Myth: You can add some milk to green tea.

Fact: The qualitative deterioration take place when you add milk to green tea. So, it’s better to drink green tea in its original form.

Myth: You cannot drink green tea daily.

Fact: People are concerned about increasing acidity in the stomach for daily consumption of green tea. But you can definitely drink green tea as it does not increase your acidity level to a higher extent on daily consumption.

Myth: Green tea has no caffeine.

Fact: During the processing of the green tea from leaves and leaf buds, some phytochemicals are reduced in quantity, but caffeine is not that compound. Green tea definitely contains caffiene, but in a lower amount than normal coffee.

Myth: You cannot drink green tea on an empty stomach

Fact: Well, if you think that green tea will increase the acidity level to a higher level, then you are wrong. You can drink green tea on an empty stomach with some cookies and honey. If you feel any uneasiness, then change the schedule and drink it in between meals.

Generally, green tea is regarded as one of the best beverages for the human body.  The popularity of green tea has increased in recent decades. Due to its antioxidant potential, green tea will always be a preferred drink for human beings. It is an important option for lowering blood pressure and improving digestion. If you don’t like the taste, you can try with one teaspoon of honey in it.

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