Myths about Gum diseases

Periodontitis or gum disease-related inflammation is a common problem faced by almost every human being once in a lifetime.

Any infection or inflammation in the oral environment can pose bad consequences. Nearly half of the adult population suffers from gingivitis globally. Most gum diseases are painful inflammatory conditions that mark the occurrence of harmful bacteria in the oral environment. Gingivitis is the first or mildest form of any gum disease. Along with plaque formation, there is inflammation of the gums characterized by redness, swelling, bleeding, and tenderness. Without treatment, these bacteria can promote tooth decay or even loss of the tooth. However, many people ignore it and listen to unscientific concepts. You might also have come across many misconceptions, go through this article to rectify those.

Myth: Tooth loss is natural during aging.

Fact: With good care of oral hygiene along with regular dental care, teeth are supposed to stay strong for a lifetime. However, if you leave it untreated, you will surely suffer from gum disease. It may lead to loss of the tooth. Ignorance of oral hygiene is the preliminary reason behind the loss of teeth in adults.

Myth: People suffering from gum disease never brush their teeth.

Fact: Even if you brush daily in a proper way, you can become susceptible to gum disease. At least one-third of the global population is susceptible to various gum diseases genetically. So, irrespective of proper brushing they may show signs of gum disease. The best way to prevent it is to stay under treatment from the first occurrence of gum disease. Do not ignore it.

Myth: Gum disease is a negligible condition, it can never affect other organs.

Fact: Based on recent advancements in oral disease, it has been found that gum disease is linked to other serious health problems like cardiac and respiratory diseases. It may lead to diabetes, osteoporosis, and so on.

Myth: Gum disease is nothing but a minor infection, so never worry about it.

Fact: Your mouth contains tissue mass equivalent to the skin tissue from the elbow to the wrist. Let’s assume this portion of your arm becomes red and swollen. What will you do? Hopefully, you will visit an expert. Similarly, you should not ignore a gum infection. The initial symptoms of gum disease are bad breath, pain, redness, and swollen gum.

Myth: Gums can show symptoms of bleeding, so you can ignore it.

Fact: Bleeding gums and redness are one of the preliminary signs of serious gum disease. Never ignore bleeding from any part of your body.

Myth: Treatment available for gum disease is extremely painful, so do it at your own risk.

Fact: Nowadays, treatment for gum disease is not very painful. Dentists are using local anesthesia, along with over-the-counter medications to make it easier for patients. It is not very painful if you perform on a regular basis. You can easily resume your daily activities after the rest of one day. So, do not worry about it.

Gum disease can be critical, so do not ignore it.

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