Myths about home remedies and folklore

There are many old wives tales and age-old home remedies which are running through the generations for a long period of time. While many of them are true as they are based on the human experiences and ancient science, some of them are not entirely true. They are myths which are busted by science but still many people believe in them.

Let’s talk about some of the most common myths and beliefs that are not true.

Feed a cold, starve a fever – It is an old saying which means that you should eat a lot if you have a cold and starve if you are suffering from fever. This is clearly an old wives tale as it is recommended to have moderate amount of food in both the condition. Overeating in flue is not at all advisable and similarly, not eating in fever can lead to weakness. There are some foods which you should avoid in fever but not eating should not be an option.

An Apple a day, keeps doctor away – This is something we all have heard in our childhood. This famous saying is based on the fact that apple is good for health. While one cannot deny the nutritional value of an apple and consuming it daily will only lead to improvement in health, one should be well aware of the fact that there are diseases and illnesses which you can get despite eating apply daily. Apple helps in easy digestion of food as it is a natural fiber and provides iron to the body but it cannot fight all kinds of problems. Hence, this saying is not entirely true.

Alcohol cleans gall bladder – Many people believe that alcohol has the ability to clean gall bladder and it prevents many types of stones from building inside it. However, this is not true. Any kind of alcohol is acidic in nature and it only adds to the acid in the body and does nothing to keep gall bladder healthy.

Cold winds result in flu – It is a popular belief that you can get flu or a cold if you expose yourself to cold winds. However, a study done by scientists does not agree with the fact. The study was conducted on people living in Antarctica and it was found that they are not catching cold as much as people living in warmer temperature. The reason why you get a cold or flu is the sudden change in temperature or our eating habit to which the body needs time to adjust.

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