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Myths about keeping long hair

Long, silky hair is one of the attractive traits of a human being. However, In times of extreme pollution, keeping long hair is a very difficult job.

Myths about long hair are vast. As you keep listening to those misconceptions, you feel that those are correct. But you should always be aware of the scientific facts against those myths. If you want to grow your hair long or already have it, go through this article to stay away from common myths.

Myth: you need to brush numerous times if you have long hair.

Fact: this is a wrong concept. The more you brush your hair, the risks of hair damage increase. This leads to the thinning of your hair. A few strokes over your long hair is enough to keep your hair long and healthy.

Myth: you need to wash your hair with icy-cold water every time to keep it healthy.

Fact: this is a partially true concept. Coldwater is good for your hair but extreme cold water is not good. People tend to think that icy-cold water makes your long hair shiny, but in reality, it doesn’t happen. It is better to rely on the conditioner for a shiny look.

Myth: trim frequently to grow your hair longer.

Fact: this is an age-old myth regarding long must remember the fact that the scalp is responsible for hair growth, nothing else. People suggest trimming for removing the split ends, but trimming can never increase the growth of your hair.Trim frequently if you have split ends.

Myth: there is no impact of weather conditions on your hair growth.

Fact: scientifically, weather plays a crucial role in hair growth. Usually, hair growth is enhanced in summer. This is due to increased blood circulation between the skin and the scalp in the head. However, hair growth decreases in winter due to reduced blood circulation.

Myth: frequent use of shampoo can damage long hair.

Fact: this is also a very popular misconception about long hair. The shampoo is used to keep your hair dirt-free. The frequency of shampooing is dependent on the type of hair and the amount of surrounding pollution. Obviously, regular shampoo is not good for long hair, you can use shampoo weekly or a 5-days gap.

Myth: if you have long hair, do not wear hats.

Fact: people tend to think that long hair gets thinned after wearing the hat. But this is not true. Hats protect your hair from sunlight-related damage. Sunlight can make your hair dry, and hats can protect you from it.

Myth: if your hair is dirty, this is the perfect time to color your hair.

Fact: this is certainly a false notion. When you color your hair, your hair should be clean enough to stick to hair. so, wash properly before coloring the hair.

So, from now on, flaunt your long hair with pride without any hesitation.

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