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Myths about narcissistic personality

Narcissists, the self-centered persons with low empathy are considered evil to society.

Any psychological thing is associated with enormous misconceptions. Most people believe those myths and stay away from believing the truth. Some are afraid of persons with narcissistic personalities and some just hate them. It’s always better to clear your misconceptions. This is the article for you to clear your myths about Narcissism or narcissistic personality.

Myth: Narcissists are always insecure. The people with narcissistic personalities push away others

Fact: this concept is partially true.Narcissists have a peculiar trait of self-absorbent attitude. While people tend to think that, narcissists are insecure, but in reality, they are not so. They believe that they are the most incredible persons in the World.

Myth: Narcissism is all about extremely high self-esteem.

Fact: This is a partial truth. High self-esteem or confidence is an admirable trait to achieve. Those people with high confidence focus on improving relationships with others and rely on social interactions. However, narcissists have low empathy. The feeling of compassion is low. They often think about their own benefits only. It is true that one important narcissistic trait is high self-esteem, but, not for all cases.

Myth: Anybody should be a narcissist to some extent.

Fact: People tend to believe like self-praising is an attractive trait. Thus, being narcissistic is always okay. However, science says that Narcissism is not good for your health. It often leads to arrogant behavior, loss of empathy, which in worst scenarios may cause depression.

Myth: Narcissists always try to hurt others

Fact: The harsh behavior of narcissists led to this thought that their only intention is to hurt others. However, it is not true. The personal attack is not to hurt intentionally. This is one type of collateral damage to the person by attacking. Narcissists tend to believe this as a defense mechanism. It is one type of protection of their self-esteem.

Myth: Narcissists always manipulate others.

Fact: this is again a partial truth. One study found that narcissists’ behavior is similar to that of children. The children apply various trial and error methodsto their parents to get desired gifts. Narcissists also possess this trait. They try various methods to get their things done. This can be viewed in another sense, narcissists always take advantage of those who are willing to give or donate something. Yes, they tend to manipulate, but not everytime.

Myth: Narcissists behave like predators.

Fact: You must remember the fact that narcissists are human beings like us. The sense of self-worth is very much important to narcissists and they need other people to verify this. Ultimately, this brings them a feeling of satisfaction. They are self-centered and insensitive. Having said that, you cannot consider them as predators.

Myth: All Narcissists are evil.

Fact: as mentioned above, narcissists are also human like you. Narcissists are not inherently evil. They have very low social skills and tend to ruin every relationship. But there are examples of highly successful people with Narcissist personality traits. You must remember the fact that narcissists are neither villains nor superhuman. They are troubled persons due to their surroundings.

Hopefully, now, you might understand the reasons behind Narcissism and associated behavior.

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