Myths about outsourcing

Outsourcing, an important cost-cutting step to move your business forward has many misconceptions surrounding it.

Outsourcing is a business practice, where an external party is hired to create goods, traditionally conducted by own employees in-house. Many company heads are afraid of the costs of outsourcing. From there some misconceptions have arisen regarding outsourcing. The information technology sector is one of the crucial parts of global outsourcing. This article is intended to rectify those myths about outsourcing.

Myth: If you outsource, you will immediately lose control of your own project.

Fact: This is an age-old business myth. This prevents many businesses from outsourcing important projects. Companies are afraid of losing control over their important projects. However, this is not true in reality. Outsourcing service providers always give updates about the progress. They also provide comprehensive reports to the company. You should always remember that collaboration and communication help businesses to grow. Many giant companies always believe in the concept of outsourcing and sign contracts regarding regular updates about the progress.

Myth: Outsourcing always results in qualitative deterioration of the product.

Fact: Many companies think that outsourcing products like electronic devices and mobile apps may result in qualitative deterioration. This is because, in some developing countries, the product has a lower price tag which is associated with poor quality. However, outsourcing may not always lead to qualitative degradation. Poor skillset is responsible for this. If the outsourcing company has experienced developers with experts, there should be no worry about product quality.

Myth: You might face cultural and linguistic barriers during outsourcing.

Fact: Many businesses need to outsource important projects to several offshore destinations. Thus, the company heads worry about language and cultural obstacles. With the rapid spread of translation consultancies, there should not be any problem with language. The same applies to cultural constraints. Different culture is not an issue for spreading a business. Rather, it helps in understanding the customer.

Myth: Difference in time-zone difference may lead to productivity issues.

Fact: Many company heads think that having a huge time gap might pose serious productivity issues in outsourcing. However, this is not true. It should be used as an advantage. Let’s take an example of the time difference between Asian and American countries. The working time in Asia is considered the resting time in American countries. So, if companies want a whole 24-hour working cycle, this is the best way to get it. With proper monitoring, a continuous production cycle can be attained.

Myth: Your confidential data will not be safe if you start outsourcing.

Fact: Safety and confidentiality of data is an important aspects of growing a company. Outsourcing service providers try to protect confidentiality to the fullest. If they are unable to do this, they will immediately lose the client’s trust as well as their reputation.

Stay away from these outsourcing myths if you are eager to outsource your company.

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