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Myths about public speaking

Public speaking is one of the skillful jobs that need special practices to excel.

Public speaking is considered the toughest thing by many. They are afraid of more than horror. Some common symptoms of fear about it are excess sweating, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, and so on. Things that are feared most, are mostly associated with numerous myths. You might have come across different things about public speaking from childhood. These myths discourage a lot. Many people believe in a lucky charm before speaking, whereas some people try to memorize everything. Let’s debunk some common myths about public speaking.

Myth: Public speaking is an inborn talent

Fact: This is definitely not true. Nobody is gifted with this talent. Many people think that good speakers are always gifted talents. However, it’s all about practice. Always remember that, without practice, your talent may fade away very fast. Usually, the right portion of your brain plays a critical role in speaking. You can modify it through regular practice.

Myth: Good speakers are always born orators.

Fact: This is not at all true. You need to learn and practice skills to survive in this world. You may take as many examples as possible. Nobody is a born orator. Good public speaking requires consistent effort. You don’t have to be Martin Luther King for becoming a good public speaker.

Myth: Introverts can never become good public speakers.

Fact: Public speaking has nothing to do with being an introvert. You can be a good speaker even if you are an introvert. Usually, introverts put some extra into speaking publicly. You will find many examples where introverted people deliver brilliant public speeches. You will get numerous examples on YouTube and in TED talks.

Myth: You have to be funny for good public speaking.

Fact: Even if you are not very funny, you can also become a good public speaker. It’s not stand-up comedy. Public speaking is very different from others. You just have to be smart enough to deliver your words. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the speech should be engaging. It can be done by interesting way of representation.

Myth: Public speakers should use big words to impress the audience.

Fact: Many people think that, knowing and saying big words are the representation of intelligence. But, this is not true. You can impress the audience with the smart use of simple words. The main objective is to deliver your idea. It can be possible by using understandable languages only.

Myth: You have to memorize everything before the speech.

Fact: This is quite impossible to memorize everything. You just need to memorize some basic ideas about the speech. The best way is to rehearse more often before the speech. You can deliver a good speech without memorizing everything. To do this, you can keep a summary of your speech with you during the presentation.

Do not let those misconceptions become obstacles in your journey to success.

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