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Myths about robot and robotics

Robots, one of the finest discoveries of science and technology are surrounded by several controversies and misconceptions.

Robots are programmable machines prepared to perform complex functions. The study on robots and associated technology is called robotics. Based on the tasks, they can be automatic or semi-automatic. The first digital robot with modern technologies was discovered in 1954. However, if you want to clear the traditional misconceptions about robots and robotics, go through this article in detail.

Myth: Robotics is a very new innovation.

Fact: You will be amazed to know that, back in 1495, Leonardo Di Vinci proposed the idea of a robot. So, definitely, you cannot call a robot a modern invention. Mark Rosheim, an engineer in NASA started to build up an idea based on the proposed model. Then, the engineers of Ford tried to make robots for their car parts in 1961. Since then, scientists have been focused on designing and improving the model of the robot to use it in real life.

Myth: You can only build a robot after getting certain high degrees professionally.

Fact: This notion is partially true. Simply put, if you have the proper knowledge, you can build a robot at any age. Certain universities have started special courses for students to encourage them in building their own robots.

Myth: The robots are very expensive to make

Fact: you just need to have proper planning and idea about the purpose. Robots can be made at a minimal budget. Yes, the humanoid robots and the robots used in industries require a high cost of making. But a simple robot can be made for simple purposes within a modest budget.

Myth: The basic purpose of creating a robot is to eliminate people from their jobs

Fact: This notion is completely false. The robots are made to make the tough job easier. Except for the automatic functioning robots, most robots need the operation to be done manually. You will be surprised to know that, robots have actually generated more job options than normal.

Myth: The robots are used to assemble cars only.

Fact: This is also a false notion. Initially, the makers thought that robots can be effective in assembling ling car parts, and then they also understood the benefits of robots in other sectors too. Apart from the automotive industry, robots have been used extensively in the energy industry, hospitals, and laboratories.

Myth: Most robots are human-like.

Fact: Probably this misconception came from movies. But, in reality, all robots are not like humans. The shape depends on the purpose only. The initial forms of robots were not humanized. Later, scientists tried to make the version more advanced. However, there are some psychological aspects too. It was found that exactly human look-alike robots tend to threaten the sense of identity.

So, stay from the misconceptions about robots and robotics.

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