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Natural Beauty Of Norway: The heaven of Aurora

Here are some examples of the beautiful places within Norway which you don't want to miss.

Norway is world famous for its natural beauty. These are definitely one of the best places to visit in Norway that shouldn’t be missed if you visit here!

The Fjords

This is the place Norway is turning into most well-known for. The UNESCO listed Fjords are actually appearing on many travelers' bucket lists and with proper reason – they may be one of the most naturally stunning and dramatic landscapes in Europe and are one of the top points of interest in the Scandinavian country.

The glacial valleys are eerily silent and are surrounded by various mountains and waterfalls that provide the place an other-worldly beauty.


Trolltunga is certainly one of the picturesque locations to discover in Norway. It’s an insanely fantastic area and one of the most stunning scenic cliffs in Norway – however it’s only for the brave. If you’re up for the challenge, it’s most effective an insignificant four-hour trek for a photo opportunity of a lifetime! Just keep in mind to be very careful!


Even Norway’s capital is stunning and it's an increasing number of famous locations to visit in this country. Yes it’s costly and sure it hasn’t got an extended list of world-famous sights, but Oslo is clean, laid back, and surrounded by a stunning fjord and acres of lush woodland.


A city placed in southwest Norway that is an appealing place to pay a visit to in Norway. Home to the striking tenth century Stavanger Cathedral and colourful houses. The Stavanger area is likewise awash with breath-taking environments and long, white beaches that add even extra mystifying touches to the place.

Nigardsbreen Glacier

Glaciers are natural wonders which can be often viewed from afar, but glacier guiding is pretty famous at Nigardsbreen, in which experienced guides are happy to take you and your kids on safe walks among the blue ice.

One of the great natural attractions in Norway to find out, it’s an experience like no other for anybody over the age of five, in which you may gaze into the ice at close range and wander away in the stunning reality of one of the most available branches of the Jostedalsbreen glacier.


The impossibly pretty village of Flam positioned withinside the fjords, Southwestern Norway – one of the exceptional areas to discover in Norway.