Natural Wonders Of Italy You should Definitely Visit

Italy is not just about the fashion, pasta and pizza. In fact, it some of the most beautiful natural sceneries that would make you go “mamma mia”!

Italy is blessed with a beautiful landscape and some of nature’s most incredible wonders. Fiery volcanoes, stunning rock structures and pristine lakes dress Italy up in its mesmerizing view. If you are out exploring Italy, do more than just sitting at a café and gorging on pizza. Here are some of the natural wonders of Italy that you should definitely visit.

Lago di Braies

Located in South Tyrol in Italy, Lago di Braies is a lake that almost seems like out of a painting. Nestled in the lap of mountains, this lake has water that is crystal clear and as blue as the sky. You can go on hiking trails through the pine forests and into the mountains surrounding the lake. What’s more is that this place will give you a taste of it all from mountains to lake, to pine forests to beaches.

Gran Paradiso National Park

Covering around 300 square miles, the rugged beauty of this landscape has a wild feel to it and includes lakes and majestic mountains. Moreover, you can also spot some of the most beautiful flora and fauna prevalent in the region. This place is also a heaven for all the mountain walkers out there. You can also try out mountain sports including skiing and snowshoeing that are usually organized during the winters.

Scala dei Turchi

Also known as the Staircase of the Turks, Scala dei Turchi is located in Sicily in Italy. This is, perhaps, the most beautiful coastline you can find in all of Italy. In what looks like some white cake frosting, the cliffs on the coastline rise above the level of the sea as they form layers of rocks that are sparkling white. The marl rock is said to have been formed by the erosive action of the sea and the wind and would give you the vibes of an amphitheater formed by nature.

Grotta Azzurra

Also known as the Blue Grotto, Grotta Azzurra is a sea cave located in the Capri island of Italy. An unusual refraction of the sunlight makes the water inside the cave appear as an incredible shade of blue. The visuals are intensely sensational and you can take a boat ride to get a glance of this beauty.

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