Nerd Alert: Five Bizarre Scientific Theories Which Question Our Reality

Get ready to be amazed by some unbelievably acceptable theories which are going to put you in a perpetual fix. 

We live in a time where science can give logical explanations to almost everything that we experience around us. The advancement of technology is proof that reinstates our belief in science. As much as we like to believe that we have all the answers to the greater mysteries of the universe, we know that our knowledge is minuscule and limited to understand the bigger picture and study the complete maze of complex problems which surround our existence. Once in a while, the studies put us on a path which unfurls a new set of theories and puts our mind into believing some ideas which seem too fantastical to believe.

While many of such theories are considered as hokum and too far-fetched by the larger scientific community, there are some plausible concepts which have won the trust of scientists and offer a whole new version of our reality.

Let’s have a look at some of these mind-blowing concepts which could be potentially valid as these are neither completely concluded or neither wholly dismissed.

The Fermi Paradox

Formulated by physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael Hart, the theory questions the Drake Equation and argues that if Milky Way consists of numerous advanced civilization, then why the earth hasn’t picked up any signal of communication from those ‘intelligent’ beings. This argument is termed as the great silence.

The paradox has puzzled the scientists for the longest time and opened up a lot of theories for explaining the great silence.

The Simulation Theory

A theory formulated in response to the Fermi Paradox, states that we might all be living in some computer simulation devised by an advanced alien race. Scientists consider this theory to be highly probable and working to prove it by creating an automated simulation of our universe. A theoretical physicist, namely S. James Gate in his discovery in string theory found out that the computer code of every equation used to describe our universe is not a random code. It is a highly unique self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code. Therefore, it seems likely that autocorrecting 1s and 0s are implanted into the quantum core of everything around us. Sounds Eerie, but it could be real.

The Many Worlds Theory

The theory indicates the presence of many parallel universes using a different viewpoint. Quantum reality establishes that space is reality but also deduces that matter couldn’t be condensed to a singular source. Therefore, every choice made by us gives rise to a new universe, rather than being popped out from a black hole every split second. The smallest of our decision, from choosing what to eat or drink to bigger choices, we are opening new possibilities and in turn, newer universes everywhere.

The Panspermia Theory

This theory explains that ‘seeds of life’ are present everywhere in the universe which are disseminated across intergalactic and interstellar space on its own. This theory looks convincing in the light of another probable theory which says that life on earth could be the result of life seeds brought by meteors or comets from another corner of the universe.

The Singularity Theory

This theory is given by Ray Kurzweil, who is convinced that the world will achieve a technological singularity in the near future where science will transcend biology in every way. The highly advanced civilization of immortal beings shall make enormous advancement to the extent of devising their own sun and make use of its energy to achieve unbelievable feats in the trans-stellar universe just like science fiction.

Ok, so tell us which out of these mind-boggling theories have a chance to twist your reality? Decide for yourself and share it with like-minded folks!