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New York Bucket list: Five Things You Must Do in NYC

Here are some cool ideas for your trip to the Big Apple and how to make the best of your visit.

One thing that that you would realize while in New York is that there is a magic in its air which shall leave you moonstruck and completely in awe of the city. Ask any local about the feeling, and you will be reassured about the impact that the big apple has on people. It is expansive and welcomes everyone with open arms. The yellow cabs, the skyscrapers, the swarm of people on the sidewalks and excellent food make you ditch your sleep and hit the streets at once. Frankly, it is impossible to visit every place of NY till you make a lot of such trips back to the city. However, we are listing eight out of the unlimited things that you could do while in the city.

  1. Taking selfies at Times Square

Yes, it sounds very touristy, but the place is etched on our minds with all those innumerable cameo appearances that Times Square made on TV. You shall be greeted with yellow cabs, a large crowd of people, fellow tourists, street performers, large LED billboards to acquaint you well with the city that never sleeps. Recipe for a perfect night adventure!

  1. Discovering Central Park

While in New York, you will indeed be lured by another landmark of the city- 693 acres of green area in the middle of the city with artificial meadows, lake, hillocks, forests and also a castle. You could spend your day relaxing and exploring it on your own or also hire guided tours of the whole park.

  1. A Trip to American Museum of Natural History

Even if you aren’t much into history, you still aren’t going to regret visiting this museum for knowing some exciting details about human culture, the universe, wildlife, dinosaurs, etc. through various exhibitions. The museum is vast and has seven sections. So make sure you have the map to guide you swiftly through the place.

  1. Indulge in gastronomical delights at Michelin Star Restaurants 

Foodies are in for a treat of their lives if you try one of the Michelin Star restaurants to have the finest dining experience. If you have the budget, this food is something that you won’t find at traditional fine dining eateries.

  1. Go Kayaking on Hudson River for free

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it before, you could add a dash of thrill to your afternoon with some kayaking experience. You could opt for expert lessons if you are interested. And you won’t spend a penny on it.

So, plan your New York trip well and enjoy some of these activities. Don’t worry, if these aren’t enough; you could always come back for more.

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