Nine Simple Tips to declutter your bedroom

A chaotic and cluttered space can affect your routine and schedule. So, it is essential to organise and clean your bedroom for a perfect sleeping space. Read these tips to make your bedroom clutter-free.

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat where you can relax after a long and tiring day at work. It is essential to simplify your bedroom space and keep it clean, organised and clutter-free.

You can begin by organising small things like your clothes, bed linen, shoes and essential everyday items regularly to avoid any mess in your bedroom. Use smart storages like containers, baskets and trays to store your items.

Go through these tips before you cut the clutter from your bedroom.

Tip 1: Clean your bed

Make sure to clean your bed before you begin with the sorting of the other space in your bedroom. Place dirty clothes and linen in a hamper and never keep them on your bed.

Tip 2: Organise your clothes

Neatly fold and hang the clean clothes inside your closet. Remove dirty clothes and keep them in pretty knitted bins with closed lids. Make this habit of removing dirty clothes every day at night and ready your clothes for the next morning.

Tip 3: Clean bedside cabinets

Keep your bedside drawers and cabinets clean and arrange books, alarm clock, nightstand and water bottle accordingly. Don’t keep gadgets or electronic appliances on your bedside table.

Tip 4: Sort your wardrobe

Categorise your clothing into smaller groups and organise them by group type. Sort your wardrobe items, clothes, shoes, and other items into appropriate drawers and baskets.

Tip 5: Throw away old shoes

Get rid of shoes that don’t fit you anymore, are worn out, or you never wear them. Throw them away, or you can also donate them. Keep your shoe rack organised and clean it regularly.

Tip 6: Remove things that you don’t use

Simplify your bedroom space by removing unnecessary items that you don’t use anymore like books, accessory, or any other item. Throw away the broken things and donate the items that you no longer want to keep.

 Tip 7: Keep only essentials

Try to bare minimum number of items in your bedroom and get rid of anything that consumes a lot of space or is of no need.

Tip 8: Maximise storage space

Keep pretty small bins and trays to give your bedroom a clutter-free and organised look. You can use these bins to keep your dirty clothes and shoes. Use fancy trays on top of your dressers to store your personal items.

Tip 9: Open Floor space

The heavy and large number of furniture can make your bedroom look packed and cluttered with no walking space left. For a more spacious look, remove unnecessary furniture and swap it with less bulky and vertical storage options. You can replace your side cabinets with floating storage shelves alongside your bed.