Published By: Ahvana Paul

No Bluffin’! 4 card games that everyone should try

Card games are a timeless classic, and have entertained and connected people for centuries. From classics and highly competitive games such as Bridge to more recent games such as Uno and Cards Against Humanity, they cater to all ages, occasions and everyone’s taste! The simple deck of cards transforms into a versatile tool for competition, camaraderie family bonding, and sometimes even enmities! Though there is a dangerous side to card games historically, they can also be fun! If you are keen to find a new social activity, then you can try out these 4 different card games!


Bluff is an entertaining game and is a mixture of deception, catching the deception and involves a lot of laughter amongst friends, claims of revenge, and sometimes even a huge number of cards to get rid of! Someone starts the game, by putting a couple of cards upside down, claiming that they have put a certain card(s). The question that you have to figure out is whether have they put down the cards that they have claimed to! If you catch them, then they have to pick up the entire deck! If you want to proceed, you can put cards of the same value! The first person to get rid of all their cards wins the game! Proceed with intuition, tact and speed, when you play this game! Be careful though, if you are in it to win it!


The card game Twenty-nine is a popular trick-taking game, usually played in South Asia and requires a mix of strategy and skill. Played by four individuals in two teams, it employs a deck of 32 cards. The objective is to win tricks, each containing cards with carrying point values. Players bid the right to choose the trump suit. With a balance between luck and calculation, 29 challenges participants to fulfil bid commitments while thwarting the opponent’s aim to do the same. Twenty-Nine is a highly intelligent game, which requires one to constantly calculate and strategize, and is a good use of time!

Cards Against Humanity  

Cards Against Humanity is essentially a party game and is infamous for its dark humour. Each player is handed a deck of black question cards, and white answer cards. The players are expected to pair them. These pairings are judged by the Card Czar, who judges the submissions, awarding points for the most amusing pairings. The game has an inherent satire, and wit, and tends to generate laughs, among players. It is thus one of the most fun new games that you could try!

Spider Solitaire

 This is a game, which can be played on the computer, and is something you can take up, especially while taking breaks from your work. The primary aim of spider solitaire is that you have to successfully make four rows of cards- 2 of red and 2 of black, from King to Ace, within a limited time frame, and sort out from the cards from the shuffled deck given to you by the computer! This game requires quickness, alertness, clever moving around of the cards, and a tactful approach. This game is fun, and will ensure a quick refreshing moment within your hectic schedule! 

So which is your favourite card game?