Published By: Sanjukta

No whiffs or misses: Techniques for better aim in Valorant

Remember aiming pixel perfect takes times, so keep at it.

Aiming in games like Valorant, should become like second nature, where split-second decisions and precise shots can turn the tide of battle. Whether you're holding angles, engaging in firefights, or securing objectives, having impeccable aim can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

In Valorant, mastering aim is essential for various scenarios, such as landing headshots to secure kills, holding down sites to prevent enemy advances, or clutching rounds in intense 1v1 situations.

To hone your aiming skills in Valorant, it's crucial to understand and implement effective techniques. No one was born with perfect aiming skills. It takes playing FPS games over years to get the aim right. So if you are new to playing fps games, fret not. With practicing the right techniques, aiming can be honed. Here are a few things to take care of.

Practice calm aim

Calm aim emphasizes patience and precision. Spamming shots without a clear aim causes easy deaths in game. Before you start shooting randomly when spotting the enemy, practice calm aim - by pausing before shooting and ensuring your crosshair is perfectly aligned with your target.  It increase your chances of landing accurate shots consistently. This technique is particularly useful when holding angles or engaging enemies from a distance. It is better to wait to get a clear shot for a mini-second instead of spamming.


Another vital aspect of aiming in Valorant is pre-aiming, where you anticipate enemy positions and align your crosshair accordingly. Rather than blindly peeking around corners, pre-aiming allows you to minimize exposure while remaining ready to react to enemy movements. For example, if you know an opponent is likely to peek from a certain angle, pre-aiming that spot gives you a split-second advantage, allowing you to land shots more effectively.

Practice dead zoning drills

Pre-aiming common angles and off-angles is crucial in Valorant for quick reactions while minimizing exposure. Practice dead zoning in the Shooting Range in-game: strafe back and forth while shooting one bullet at a time, timing the shot slightly after pressing the opposite direction key. Progress through four levels, focusing on accuracy and movement control. Enable the movement error graph and advance to the next level only when 95% of shots show consistency. Mastering dead zoning improves pre-aiming skills for better performance in matches.

Understanding first bullet accuracy

First bullet accuracy in Valorant is a crucial aspect of gameplay, dictating the likelihood of your initial shot hitting its mark. Each gun has its own first bullet accuracy value, which determines how precise your shots will be. For example, while the Classic and Spectre boast a first bullet accuracy of 0.4, indicating that about 60% of shots will land, the Sheriff and Vandal have a higher accuracy of 0.25, meaning they are more likely to hit their target with the first shot. Understanding these accuracy values is essential for players to optimize their shooting techniques and improve their performance in the game.

Where to focus – crosshair or target

Not knowing when to focus on your crosshair versus the target. It's a balancing act between precision and reaction time. When you're holding angles or waiting for enemies to peek, focus on your crosshair for precise shots. But when enemies could pop out from different spots, focus on the target first for quicker reactions. And remember, in close-range fights, focus on the target; in long-range ones, focus on lining up your crosshair. Getting this balance right can seriously level up your game in Valorant.

Know your guns

Different guns have unique characteristics, such as recoil patterns and accuracy levels, first bullet acuracy, that can significantly impact your aiming approach. Familiarize yourself with these nuances and adjusting your playstyle accordingly, you can maximize your effectiveness with each weapon.