Noetic Sciences – how much of an actual science is it?

Does the soul have a weight – if so, can we study it?

The cause of the Noetic Sciences does indeed implore upon such questions. What are we? Who are we? And what exactly can we say constitutes the ‘we’? Science begins with the questions. Every science which you might have come across will have such an insight into such kinds of questioning. Physics being a supremum in the sciences has its own take on matter. And yes, the last sentence was pun intended. The manner in which we progress the study of science and the natural world today is called the scientific method.

This method has allowed us to challenge and question the ways and whims of the universe to find a deeper meaning of all that is. Noetic science is not that different save its approach to the generality of it. And every discovery weighs the same as every non-discovery.

Noetic Science: A manner of discovery

The noetic sciences follow proper procedures for any experiment or establishment of a theory. Be the blocking of external radiations to assess the nature of souls or what proceeds after a death – it ensures that the theories undergo documentation which are then peer-reviewed by other scientists working on the field.

The science of conjoining: Science and spirituality

Science is emerged with its extreme vastness of realistic and materialistic views. How the quality of our lifestyle has changed velocious, how the technological paths are continuously on the way of a drastic improvement, how the improved technology takes the man to the moon — all of these things, which man brings to the earth and the earth brings to the man. But, despite all of this, we didn’t know everything, everything of how reality actually works. And that’s the main point of getting the ultimate consequence of practicing spiritual wisdom. That wisdom which can give the hints of the rooted mysteries of our life, and that’s the worthwhileness of merging science and spirituality.

Noetic science: The experience of human possibility

The questions always arise within us that how these concepts can be in limitations to our brain or how we really express the actual experiences. The reports from the greatest scientists reveal that the experiences of what we are achieving constantly, is directly involved with the processing of our works — scientific and cultural.

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