Published By: Shreya Ghai

Not just candles - things you must keep in mind to set candle light table

Dining is often a rush rush affair as you barely squeeze out time for yourself from your hectic routine. There is nothing like a candle light dinner when you just want to enjoy and celebrate a close dinner affair with your friends, family or as a couple.

For setting a candle light dinner you just don't have to limit yourself to candles and flowers, there are so many other things you can use for a perfect candle light dinner table and set the tone right. Here are a few essentials you must keep if you are fond of setting a beautiful candle light dinner table at home. Check them out!


Choose the perfect corner for setting up a candle light dinner table. You can choose to place it in your porch, garden, balcony or your room. Whichever corner you choose, add a surprise element to it. Decorate it in a unique manner so that it looks completely different from the regular days. Try and keep it a surprise for your friends, family or partner. Believe us, if you are able to keep it a surprise, the smile on your partner’s, family/s or friend’s face will be priceless.


Keep your menu simple and choose the dishes that your partner, friend or family prefers. Do not keep an elaborative menu but do keep the favourites for sure. Don’t forget to keep a good dessert to end the night. If you want to skip cooking and want to keep it a light affair, a good cracker and cheese platter with some drinks is a great idea.


Simply placing the plates on the table does sound simple and easy but if you really want to make your candle light dinner a fancy affair, try placing some pretty simple linen sheets for the table. Drape it across the table and place a runner on it to add better effect and contrast to the table. Place the candle in the centre. Use cloth napkins rather than tissues to make it extra special.


Flowers add a natural element to any decor. Especially when it comes to laying tables. Add flowers to compliment the candles. You can pick both fresh and artificial flowers to give your table a cozylook. Keeping fresh flowers will add a natural fragrance to your dining experience, whereas dry flowers can be used whenever you want to organise a candle light dinner. You can use flowers in a vase, in small glasses next to each plate, beneath the vase or add it in the centre with some twinkling fairy lights to add more beauty to the table.

Creating the perfect ambience for a candle light dinner is very essential otherwise it will lose its beauty. A well set table for your candle light affair will surely make it memorable as well as relaxing.