Not just fried chicken! Kentucky has everything for everyone

Kentucky may be known for its famous fried chicken, but there’s so much more to discover in this southern gem. From the rolling hills of horse country to the vibrant culture found in Louisville and beyond, Kentucky offers something for everyone.

You should add Kentucky to your travel bucket list and experience all that it has to offer – from mouth-watering foodie destinations to breathtaking natural wonders. Let’s dive into what makes Kentucky such a special place!

Culture – Kentucky’s culture is as diverse as its geography. The state boasts a rich history that has influenced everything from music to arts and crafts, creating a unique blend of traditions that you can’t find anywhere else. One of the most iconic aspects of Kentucky’s cultural heritage is horse racing. The Kentucky Derby, held annually on the first Saturday in May, attracts visitors from all over the world to witness it. But beyond the thrill of watching thoroughbreds race towards victory, there are many other equestrian events and attractions throughout the year that showcase Kentucky’s love for horses. Music is another integral part of Kentucky’s cultural scene. From bluegrass to country and rock ‘n’ roll, this state has been home to some legendary musicians like Loretta Lynn and Bill Monroe. You can experience live performances at venues across the state or visit museums dedicated to preserving these musical legacies. Art lovers will also appreciate what Kentucky has to offer.

Food – When it comes to food, Kentucky is a state that is not afraid to indulge in some hearty and delicious meals. One must-try dish when visiting Kentucky is the Hot Brown sandwich. Originating from Louisville’s Brown Hotel, this open-faced sandwich features turkey, bacon, Mornay sauce and tomatoes on toasted bread. It’s a decadent meal that will leave you feeling satisfied. Another local favourite is burgoo, a stew made with a variety of meats including beef, chicken and pork as well as vegetables like corn and potatoes. This dish has been served in Kentucky for over 100 years at events such as political rallies and church picnics. The state produces 95% of all bourbon whiskey sold worldwide so be sure to try some while you’re here.

Nature – Kentucky is not only known for its culture and food, but it also boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. From lush forests to stunning waterfalls, Kentucky’s nature has something for everyone. One of the top natural attractions in Kentucky is Mammoth Cave National Park, which features over 400 miles of underground passageways. Visitors can take guided tours through these caves and witness an otherworldly landscape filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

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