Notable Indian authors and their masterpieces

From ancient times, India has been on the top list of notable authors and has always been praised because of their writings.

There are several well-known Indian novelists who get recognized and all their books deliver messages out there for every bookworm.

Mulk Raj Anand- Untouchable

He is a well-known author from India who has discussed evil customs that have their origins in India. His topics always reflected the traditional society of India and its rigid caste systems which is a practice that only hurts the population. Mulk Raj Anand has always addressed and portrayed the mistreatment and judgments of members residing in society’s lower classes. This conception is highlighted in his first novel called Untouchable, the story plot revolves around the abolition of the caste system in India. The novel was written in 1953 followed by the life story of Bakha who was a sweeper belonging to a lower caste.

R.K Narayan- The Guide

He is well-known for inventing the fictional city of Malgudi, located in South India, and was also a notable Indian author who has contributed to English-language Indian writings. The Guide was a novel that stands out among mature audiences as the twists and turns of the novel are quite relatable. The novel basically explores the life story of the protagonist named Raju and it is one of the elements which makes the story even more beautiful.

Khushwant Singh- The train to Pakistan

A well-known Indian author of India who has established himself as an English language novelist. He was not only a superb citizen but a distinguished writer alongside. He also holds the second-highest civilian honor in India and also got his inspiration for writing The Train to Pakistan novel from the brutality of India’s partition.  Compared to other authors of India, his novels were very distinctive and particular with a hint of sarcasm and honor.

Jhumpa Lahiri-The Namesake

She is a prolific writer who established her career in a respectable position through novels, short stories, and essays. She faced multiple challenges from the beginning of her life. Jhumpa Lahiri was born in London but moved to the US to study at Boston University to get a master’s degree. She experienced failures by getting rejected multiple times but finally got her name listed among notable authors of India. The Namesake novel has portrayed the themes that made Lahiri an international bestseller.


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