Numerous benefits of Haldi(Turmeric) and Tulsi(Holy Basil)

“Because we cannot scrub our inner body, we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.” Sebastian Pole.

Ayurveda is one of the age- old Vedic scriptures which describes the process of healthcare with the help of Yoga and numerous plants. Through this scripture, we are able to know about the benefits of plants surrounded by us. In this era of modernisation, the more we are losing contact with nature and Ayurveda, the more our lifestyle and health are facing problems. Therefore, we must keep in mind the benefits of ayurvedic plants like Haldi, Tulsi, Neem, aloe vera and others. Some benefits of Haldi and Tulsi are discussed below.

Tulsi, as sacred plant

In India, Tulsi or Holy Basil is considered as a sacred plant and is used in rituals of worship. Haldi(Turmeric) is also used in different types of rituals like marriages. Haldi ceremony in marriages is considered to be a very pure and entertaining ritual.

They naturally boost immunity

Haldi and Tulsi are loaded with vitamins and zinc. Thus, they act as a natural immunity booster. They have immense anti- bacterial, anti- viral and antifungal properties which protect us from so many infections like cold and cough, different types of viral fevers and other fungal infections.

They work as stress buster

Tulsi has compounds Ocimum Sides A and B. These compounds help in reducing stress and also balance the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and blood pressure.Not only Tulsi, the Curcumin, a special compound found in Turmeric has the benefit of releasing anxiety, depression and other psychological issues.

They are good for Heart and Kidney

In Ayurveda, haldi and tulsi were used as medicinal plants. They have properties to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of these two, help in controlling lipid content, lowering the risk of heart attack and reducing hypertension. In this way, they take care of our hearts. Tulsi also decreases the risk of uric acid, as a result, the Kidney is safe from the risk of stones.

Good for skin and teeth

Haldi and Tulsi (with the help of Neem) work very well as anti- acne treatment, reduce pimples and pimple causing bacteria and make our skin healthy, glowing and spotless. Tulsi is very good for teeth. Daily consumption of tulsi reduces the risk of gum bleeding and sensitive teeth.

It’s not that they only have benefits, over consumption of ayurvedic plants have side effects as well, but as they are very less, we can safely use them without getting worried. What is your opinion about medicinal plants?

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