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Nutrition Tips To Learn From Different Cultures

Here is how to enjoy your food and maintain good health.

There are many valuable things to learn from various cultures all over the world, including their nutrition tips. These tips can help you better enjoy food and maintain good health. Here are some nutrition tips to learn from some of these cultures.

Make room for good carbs (Sweden)

Good carbohydrates are macronutrients that should be part of a healthy diet. Consuming the right carbs could provide you with more energy, aid digestion, fibre and even improve heart health. The Swedes know how to make bread that is healthy and satisfying, like multigrain rye. Make sure you enjoy it in moderation. Consult with an expert before making any changes to your diet.

Savor the experience with every bite (France)

The French know how to prepare some delicious food, from pasta to bread. While it can be easy to indulge in rich food, the key is to enjoy the experience. Savour the eating experience and consume the food you eat slowly. This small habit could help you reduce the number of calories you eat. It could also change your relationship with food for the better.

Fermentation may be key (Norway)

Fermenting food is a popular practice in Norway.  Fermented foods can be extremely beneficial for your health as it is rich in probiotic bacteria. It could improve your mood, aid digestion, boost immunity, and help with weight loss. Kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles are some fermented food options to try.

Spices could change your life (India)

Spices are some of the things that make Indian cuisine so delicious, nutritious, and exciting.  Various spices including ginger, turmeric, chilli and curry powder could do your body a world of good. For instance, chilli has been found to help boost metabolism. Tumeric could help to reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, regular consumption of ginger could improve digestion, help you lose weight and protect your health. Incorporate these spices in your diet in a way you can enjoy them and gain the benefits.

Be mindful of presentation and portion control (Japan)

There is a lot to love about Japanese food, including their presentation. What’s more, the portion sizes are just right. The next time you prepare your meal, make it look exciting on the plate and don’t overcrowd the plate with too much food. Also, add foods that are rich in omega as it could improve your heart health.

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