Odd Jobs That Don’t Exist Anymore

Here are some odd jobs that don’t exist anymore.


As the world evolves, many things change. That includes jobs and technology. Here are some odd jobs that no longer exist in the modern world.


1 Lamplighter

The job of a lamplighter is pretty self-explanatory. In the late 1800s and even early 1900s, this job was quite important. One had to light the street lamps. In today’s world, most of the street lighting is electric.


2 Switchboard Operator

Switchboard operators were a huge deal when they first came about. Before advancements in technology, they connected long-distance calls. However, by the 1980s these jobs were not very high in demand.


3 Knockerupper

This was a really interesting job. Before the invention of the very first mechanical alarm clock, which was invented in 1847, there was a job role called knockerupper. They were hired to wake people up by shooting peas at their windows or by tapping on their glass with a long pole. This way people didn’t oversleep and could get to where they needed to be. However, now we have the alarm clock and most of us love hitting the snooze button.


4 Clockwinder

A clockwinder had to do just that — wind clocks. However, when electric clockwinders came into existence, people had very little use for a clock winder.


5 Hobbler

A hobbler presumably got its name from hobbling around and balancing on boat decks in the mid-1800s. However, the real work was to canal boats and tow river. Even though the position somewhat exists today differently, they are not called hobblers.


6 Hacker

You may be confused by this one, these hackers aren’t computer hackers. Back in the day, hackers were men who cut down trees. You may not find many of them around much due to technological advancements. Most trees these days are cut down with the help of machines that make it quick and easier.


7 Computer

Computers back in the day were most often women who would calculate figures all day long by hand only. There were no calculators involved in this job at the time.


8 Fuller

A fuller’s job in the medieval era was one who would wash clothes. They had to clean cloth to remove the oil and dirt on the textiles. Once that was done, they had to make sure the material was bound together to make clothing and other things.

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