Odd things you can purchase from Monks from across the world

Thinking about Monks makes us envision an ideal place of worship where they devote their entire lives to the service of God. But do you know, there are some businesses that these holy men also deal in. Read further to know about a few of them.

Lip Balm

Great Britain’s St Augustine’s Abbey has the Benedictine Monks who sell lip balms and hand creams. These are made from the finest organic beeswax and other natural ingredients. These monks, have over a period of time, mastered the recipe of these products and choose, blend the ingredients themselves to create these wonderful lip balms and hand creams.

Dog treats and training module

The monks of New Skete are dog whisperers of a kind. In the monastery, they run a program to train pooches and also guide and enable the human friends to work better with them. They also sell a DVD series comprising of two disks that can be taken home to revise on the training module. You can also bulk buy the biscuits for your dogs that are made of mint and parsley. They work wonders in enhancing your pup’s breath.


The Monks of The Community of Saint Benedict are known to sell quite an array of gift items ranging from bath salts to fragrances. You can also buy a historic cologne that was made by the Monks of The Community of Saint Benedict using the retrieved recipe of Pope Pius IX. He held the papacy from 1846 to 1878 and invented this wonderful cologne.

Bonsai Tree

In Georgia’s Monastery of the Holy Spirit, the Cistercian monks have been cultivating a Bonsai Garden for the last 35 years. At the Abbey Garden Center, visitors can buy Bonsai plants, choose from wonderful pottery and buy garden accessories as well.

Hot Sauce

Made from the gardens of Subiaco Abbey maintained by the Benedictine monks, the ‘Monk Sauce’ has red habanero and green habanero as the main ingredients. You can buy it from the website, which promises the taste of the sauce to offer both hotness and intense flavour.

Ski Lessons

Up in the Swiss Alps reside the Cistercian monks who are known to teach the young enthusiasts Ski lessons. These monks had set up a skiing boarding school,SkigymnasiumStams, which is now managed and run by these monks. Several Austrian Ski Champions have attended the program!

It’s really astonishing to know about these Godmen who have successfully managed to serve God and yet run enterprising ventures.

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